Countdown Timer Tool To Create Urgency In Your Marketing

May 3, 2017

This Countdown timer tool can lead to more sales.

Hey, everyone, it’s Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Business Growth, and for those of you that know me, you know that I love finding out about tools for online marketing and content marketing, and what’s even better about finding tools? finding tools that are free!!!

I found out about a bunch of great tools, some great ammo for my videos coming up. What I’m going to talk about today is about a countdown timer tool.

You know on some landing pages or maybe you’ve even it in emails, websites, different web pages and they have countdown timers? Let’s say someone has 70% off get it for 399, but only for the next 3 days. You’ll see that little countdown timer tool. They work. They do create urgency because people know that if they don’t do it now, as that little timer is running, that they probably will miss that deal or whatever that offer is.

I’ve been looking for one for Infusionsoft emails. There is PlusThis that does with Infusionsoft along¬†other paid tools, but here is one a colleague of mine shared with me called Counting Down To, and I am going to share my screen and show it to you. (They do have their free version, but they also have the paid version so you can change your branding, colors and all that good stuff).

All you need to do is enter in the event name, the date, the time, the time zone and so forth. You can change how it looks, the size, the color and alignment. There are all these other different features. Once you have it where you want it, you simply hit the trusty button that says add to my website. Then you can paste that code onto your website, which is really cool.

It also has email countdowns. This one here, again, same principle. Change your event name, the date, the time, the size, the color, and all that good stuff. Hit the trusty add to my email, and there is your code that you can put into your email. Of course, they’ve got other features and benefits, but again, another great free tool that is super easy to use. I am saving this one for sure.

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