The BEST Way To Create An APP For Your Business

Mar 6, 2017

Create an App for your clients using CardTapp.


Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m Lyndsay Phillips your host and captain for this video, and I want to share with the coolest thing ever.

So you know how much apps cost right? They’re like $5,000, $10,000 if you want Android and your iPhone, and I’ve hooked up with a company for a client. We’ve been wanting an app for him for a long time, and so we found this company called CardTapp, and the app… I think it was $599. Super cheap. Yearly plan, and it is so easy. It is so slick. I actually interviewed Dana Croft (she’s with CardTapp), so I’ll be sharing that podcast soon as well.

I am going to show you what it looks like, and how easy it is on the backend.

So here is a website they give you, and you can kind of see here what the app looks like. These tabs can be absolutely anything you want. You can have exclusive content on your app. You can have different programs you offer, and it all happens within the app. I mean you can have links go to an outside source, but 90% of them are strictly in app, so when you open it up you’re still in the app. You’re not on an outside page.

Here’s how easy it is to use, and change, and update it. You can build content, so I’m going to go to the “buttons”. It gives you a preview. You can move them up and down to move their location. You can give each button their own little icon that goes beside it, and of course you put in here. (Let’s hit edit.)

So you would put the link, and here in app web link. It could be a telephone number, a Calendly link, an email address, or whatever it may be, and obviously you save it, and you change the titles of these things, and then in the share there is … So you can change the programs. Maybe these are all your social media links. So this doesn’t have to be programs. It can be whatever you want. You can change it or have whatever you want, linking to where you want or just delete it. You can change it from month to month. Just go in here, and quickly change it. It is crazy easy.

And then in the build section of course you could change what the icon looks like, your business name, the graphic there, and that’s all there is to show. It’s that easy. So I’m going to stop sharing my screen here.

And the beauty of it is that it has a tracking system in the background. So lets say someone does get your app. You have their name, their phone number, and their cell phone number, and then you can see all of the actions they take. So let’s say they downloaded a couple of your resources, and they have been reading your blogs, and they’ve been clicking on this, and clicking on that. You’ll get notifications on the actions that they are taking, and now having their contact information you can call them. You can email them, and say, “Hey it looks like you’re really interested in our events that are coming up, and blah blah blah.” Do a sales call for them.

So you can really hit on, and do great sales calls with people that are highly interacting with your content. Now it does not allow for push notifications to them. However, there are some, obviously text message programs. So because you took out their cell numbers you can then use an outside app to send out text messages to them to let them know about our new webinar, or a new event, or a new program that’s going on. That kind of thing. The other cool thing, what we’ve done with this is use LeadBoxes within LeadPages. Or is it called LeadDigits? I always forget the name of it. But you set it up, so that someone can text warrior app to 44222 for example, on their phone, and then boom. They get access to the app. It goes on their cell phone, their tablet, whatever it may be. Super easy to share. For instance, when Mike was at a couple of speaking gigs lately he just says out to the crowd, “Hey you can text this to this.” And they automatically get access to the app.

The other really cool thing about the app, and I should have shown you the button, but it’s basically an easy way to share. So anyone who as the app can just … You know they’re talking to a buddy, “Hey I know this great company they can really move your business forward. They can do x, y, z. They’ve got these great programs.” And instead of exchanging business cards, or you know writing down information, or “Oh I’ll email you later the information,” and they never do. All they have to do is hit a quick button on the app, punch in their friends cell number, and boom. They’ve got a text saying download the app. They’ve got a unique link, and away they go.

So this video may be a little bit longer than my normal ones, but I did want to show you all that great information on CardTapp. So it is, and as I mentioned I have interviewed Dana Croft, who has been working with CardTapp for eons, and that’s been my connection. So we chat about CardTapp as well, and what it can do for sales in your business, so of course go to to access that.

So if you want to have more tips on how to attract and acquire more clients, then go to Client Attraction, and you can get a great ebook, and some tips and strategies on how to attract and acquire new clients.


So until next time folks, have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.

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