Create Engaging Conversations & Master Your Podcast Interviews

Jul 12, 2023

Create Engaging Conversations

Have you ever listened to a podcast and the interview or host was ‘meh’ – boring, awkward, too verbose or stiff – Not a great listening experience. 

Up your game and boost your communication skills by hearing my next guest Paul Finck Maverick Millionaire who share tips on how to create a podcast that your audience will WANT to hear over and over again. We even did a little game show like exercise – so much fun!

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In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Elevate your podcast communication, for superior listener engagement and seamless conversation flow.
  • Sharpen your active listening skills to create high-quality, responsive podcasts.
  • Master efficient guest researching to bolster interview preparations and ensure content relevance.
  • Learn how to prepare interview questions that balance structure and spontaneity.
  • Discover how to effectively use available resources to triumph over any apprehensions you might have as an entrepreneur.


The key moments in this episode are:


Importance of Effective Communication in Podcasting

A podcast’s success relies heavily on the quality of its content, and above that, the effectiveness of its communication. Conversations and interviews should not feel forced or contrived, but rather flow naturally as if the listener is part of the discussion. The most effective podcasters are those who are authentic and truly engaged in the conversation. They make their listeners feel valued and understood. Outstanding communication is not merely about speaking; it’s about listening and responding effectively, keeping the conversation focused and engaging, and ensuring that the overall message is clearly understood. 

Paul explained that a major part of being a masterful host is striking a balance in the conversation.

A chat where guests and hosts value each other’s input optimizes the listener’s experience. It’s all about making sure the listener is engaged, inspired or educated. They must get something out of every episode.

The Flow of Conversation

Each conversation carries its rhythm, its unique ebb, and flow. This rhythm is a crucial consideration in designing and executing a successful podcast. As fluid as a dance, a well-orchestrated conversation guides listeners through a journey of discovery, from one topic to the next. Still, creating a natural flow requires active listening, keen observation, and intuitive understanding of where the conversation needs to go. 

“Every topic in the world is interesting once you know enough about it. Do a little bit of research so that you have enough knowledge base to ask questions, and then write down the questions. Chances are, those are the questions that your audience wants to know as well.” – Paul Finck

The Q & Q Game

During their conversation, Paul Finck shared a game, ‘Q and Q’, to refine the listening aptitude of a host. This game is a fun way to teach hosts how to keep up the to-and-fro in a conversation, to maintain the rhythm and the interest alive. It emphasizes the importance of letting the conversation flow naturally and not attempting to script each point or response.

Making the Interview More Natural

Achieving a more natural and authentic interview is possible. It requires more than having a list of prepared questions. The most impactful conversations occur when genuine curiosity fuels the discussion, sparking more significant questions and insights. This authenticity engages the listener and makes the conversation more relatable and meaningful. 

Every interviewer should have a deep-rooted interest in the subject matter. This keen interest encourages the host to pose more pertinent and engaging inquiries, ensuring a meatier conversation. Conduct in-depth research about their guests to cultivate compelling questions that suit the course of the discussion.


Developing Listening Skills

Listening is perhaps the most critical communication skill, a cornerstone for successful interviewing. By deliberate, active listening, a host can understand their guest’s perspective and respond accordingly. This response could be an insightful comment that takes the conversation deeper, or a fresh question that uncovers a new aspect of the topic at hand. 

Paul Finck suggested an exercise to develop listeners’ skill, likening it to a muscle that requires regular work-outs. The guest noted that actively listening to what is being said and responding appropriately creates a beneficial and appealing dialog, reflecting well on the host’s prowess. By being an active listener, a host enriches the conversation, making it more enjoyable and informative for listeners.

Pre-Planning Questions and Transition Statements

As hosts, pre-planning cannot be emphasized enough. Coming up with insightful questions ahead of time not only streamlines the conversation but also provides a reference point for the host. However, one must be careful not to make the conversation feel too scripted. The trick lies in creating seamless transitions from one topic to another, making the conversation more cohesive and dynamic. 

Paul Finck shared his tricks with Lyndsay Phillips about how having pre-planned questions and transition statements can help control the conversation’s pace and direction while portraying the host’s expertise. He also warns against turning a conversation into a monolog by the guest and suggests physical cues or raising the voice in an excited manner to resume control over the situation. Mixing these planned elements into the natural tide of conversation contributes to creating an engaging podcast.

About Paul

Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire® is one of the foremost authorities in business and personal development today. In his over 3 decades of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience, Paul has moved over $20 million in Real Estate transactions, sold over $30 million in informational products, and ran over 250 live events. He has worked with some of the best-known speakers in the world to take their events to the next level, and coached entrepreneurs and small business owners from around the world to build their business and create an abundant future for them all. When you desire a real difference in your personal or financial world, crave a strategic game plan, looking to build a great team, and maximize your income dramatically in the next 12 months, Paul Finck is the Maverick for you.

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