Create a Facebook event and extend your reach.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy waters of face paced business growth.

Speaking of growth, many businesses grow and bring in more, coaching clients or just in general, by having events. Today I thought I would talk about creating a Facebook event, and I want to show you how. I’m going to share my screen and dive in.

I’m going to go to my Facebook page here.

How To Create A Facebook Event

How To Create A Facebook Event

When you’re on your profile, if you hit MORE, you’ll see there are videos, events, and so forth. Of course, you want to go to EVENTS. These are a couple of the past events that are still in here, but for this purpose, I want to create a new Facebook event.

The first thing you want to know and do is set it to whether it’s a private event, so members only, maybe you’re putting on an event for your coaching clients or your team members, therefore you would want to keep that private. Most of events, of course, you want to promote and market to, whether it’s an online Facebook event, an in person event, and so forth. You would change that to create public event.

Hosting, of course, that would be my business page, so you would put your business page in there as well. This defaults into this picture, but you of course would create a graphic for the event and put it in there. Of course, your event name, so for this I am just going to do a test. You can put online. Or, if you were to add a place, you would actually pick the location. Of course, you would pick the date and the time, how long it would be. There are categories as well of whether it is business or entertainment or you can just leave it. Of course you would type in a description of what the online or the in person event would be.

You can put in keywords, whether it’s free or not. Now the ticket url, that will be your landing page. Where you would want to get registrants. Again, whether it’s an “in person” event or an “online” event, your registration landing page. You can add in your co-host, if you are having any of those.

You also need to decide whether you want only the hosts to post in the event discussion or if you want people that are registering or people that are interested to be able to ask questions on that board. You can choose for the posts to be approved by you first before they go up there live.

Then you simply create. If you’re not ready to create your Facebook event, you can actually schedule it ahead of time. If your Facebook event is next month and you want this to pop up in three weeks from now or two weeks from now, you can schedule it or you can save it as a draft to review and deal with later.

For now, let’s create the test Facebook event. Here is what the event page would look like. Of course, people would write in posts. You can add in posts, add some pictures, create a poll, and so forth. You can see here you can invite your friends. You would punch in their names there, and invite them directly through Facebook. You can see here you can share the event, you can share this event on one of your webpages, and obviously edit and so forth.

This type of page is a really great way to market any of your online events or in person events through Facebook, to get more visibility, get more exposure, and obviously to get more registrants. Give it a try, and dive in if you are having online events.

Remember – if you want any help setting these pages or events up, especially the landing pages, your emails and so forth, reach out to We do all that good stuff to help grow your business.

Until next week, folks, I wish you all a productive and profitable week, and may the winds always be at your back.