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Howdy folks, it’s Lyndsay with another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. Today I’m going to talk to you about GIF files (graphics interchange format). It’s basically like a moving slideshow or a little video clip that you can use in social media, in emails, something that grabs someone’s attention visually versus just one flat image. I use it for one of my clients. I’ve been testing it out in the past month to see how well it converts and gets more engagement rather than just a static image. I’m going to share my screen and dive right into the free tool that I’m using.

I’m all about finding free tools first and checking it out. This one is called imgflip. You can see up here There’s a GIF generator. You can upload. I’ve never actually done the video one yet. Right now I’m just using the images. This is something new for me to checkout. I’m going to upload some of the images that I’ve used earlier this week. I’m going to upload these three images here. You can upload a few images at a time. This basically was like last chance to signup for a free online training. Let me move this out of my way. You can change the width. You can change the height. You can change the quality. I’ve always just been satisfied with the default settings.

The delay though is one thing that I do play with. As you can see, that is just way too fast for anyone to absorb what they’re saying.

Let me slow that down. There you go. One trick I will say is that you want to make sure that the text, if you are having some with text on it, the text is always in that same spot for each graphic, for each slide. I did these graphics in CANVA, and then just made sure that they were the same size. Obviously you can do ones that are more visually appealing, have graphics and so forth. You can use more than three. The options are huge. Again, you don’t want someone to jump up here and then on the next slide have to look down there. It’s just too jarring and kind of hard to figure that out.

These are already in the right order, but you can actually switch them around once you load them up to make sure that the words kind of go right in the right order. Then if you don’t like one, you can just drag it there, down here to remove it. As long as you’ve got all the different settings to where you want it, you can add text to the GIFs, but I’ve only given it a title. You can give it tags if you want (I personally don’t find that really necessary). You would need the “paid version” to remove watermarks. I then generate the GIF

You would then download the image. When you download you can see it just gives it a generic file name. Then of course instead of doc (or jpeg or png) it’s gif; then you would save it onto your hard drive.

You can use the image link, but there is the html for embedding in a website or whatever it is that you want to do. Then you can change the settings or so forth. You setup an account on imgflip and it does save them for you.

Yeah, so basically instead of using one static image or making a collage, it’s just going to look exactly like this on social media where it rotates the images. Just kind of easier for someone to grab their attention, right? Yeah, so try it out, right? See if it works. Again, I’m still in testing mode with my one client to see how they workout. I’ve done different ones with pictures. I’ll have to try out that video one. By all means, if you guys have tried out some other software or any other GIF creators, let me know. I’d love to hear some feedback and find any other better tools out there that have different features.

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Have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.