Creating Podcasts That Convert With Kelly Glover

Apr 2, 2019

We know the power of podcasting but do you know how to take your podcast from fun and exposure to a converting content marketing strategy? We’ll be chatting with elite podcast producer Kelly Glover of the Talent Squad.

Creating Podcasts That Convert!

  • How is the research you do before you guest on a show crucial?
  • How can the pitch and your one sheet affect the quality of shows you get on?
  • What are 3 mistakes that guest podcasters often make?
  • Why is analyzing results from the podcasts so important?
  • What can you do AFTER the recording to boost conversions and exposure?

Kelly Glover is the founder of The Talent Squad, a podcast guest booking agency based in New York and Los Angeles. With 18 years working in media, Kelly went from interviewing celebrities on the red carpets in Hollywood, to working as a talent agent in Sydney, to hosting her own syndicated radio show across 22 commercial stations. She is an award-winning podcast producer and heads a team of talent bookers, agents, and producers in representing, packaging, and booking a diverse roster of guest experts and shows.