Creating Reels From Your Podcast To Build Your Platform

Jan 11, 2023

Creating Reels From Your Podcast

Want to stop the ‘death scroll’ and get folks to pay attention to your podcast on social media? I chat with the host of one of the top rated podcast Growth Now Movement, and founder of Justin Schenck. He shares what catapulted his success, how to leverage your podcast and what type of video reels to create to attract more attention towards your podcast. 

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What helped Justin grow a successful podcast

  • Justin shares how much the podcast industry has grown. 6 years ago no one knew what it was, and now everyone is listening.
  • How it’s a great tool to learn from amazing entrepreneurs
  • Being true to himself, open and honest in his conversations resonated with people and contributed his success.
  • Having meaningful conversations and being authentic is the beautiful thing about podcasting and building relationships and connections. 


Why podcasting is THE growth platform

  • It’s the only long form medium that people consume anymore. 80% of your audience will listen to 80% or more of your episode, but on Facebook the average video view is 8 seconds (no one is really absorbing what you are saying) 
  • They might find you because you have a cool guest, but they stay with you because you are a great host. 
  • The only medium out there that is like that plus you can talk about anything you want, niche down and there is always going to be an audience. You have total control.

“80% of your audience will listen to 80% or more of your episode, but on Facebook the average video view is 8 seconds”

Why social media still holds value

  • Why he created to help share their message and attract more listeners. It makes algorithm friendly content for social media from a podcast episode. 
  • There has been a shift in the landscape  Now he talks about Platform, Positioning, Partnership  – so you can level up people’s perception of you so that pay more and partner with you. The first step is creating great branding on you social media so you can highlight what you bring to the table. 
  • How do you get great names on your show? Positioning and looking professional is key but you also have to ask (invite them)  in the right way. Having great names positions you at a higher level. And then your success will go through the roof. 


How to promote your podcast

  • Find the impactful things that have been said in the podcast (and make it short and concise). 
  • Instagram doesn’t show photographs anymore, they prefer video. They show video to more people thus increasing your reach. 
  • Reels (short form vertical video)  will capture so many more views – thousands more. 
  • First – create engaging content (reels) or YouTube shorts – people will stop and interact and hopefully follow. Then nurture that relationship to turn them into a podcast listener and become more engaged in your content
  • Reels – they crush every single time. 
  • Tik Tok videos will soon be searchable in Google. 
  • Stories do not grow your following, it engages those that already follow you. Still images and clickable links are the go to. You can share a static image for a story to share a new episode and put a link in it. 
  • Linkedin people are very active in the podcast listening space. Those in LinkedIn want content specific to meet their needs. 

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Tips for creating reels

  • They used to be 30 seconds long to 60 seconds and now they are 90 seconds and Tik Tok is 180 seconds (a little longer). Justin likes to 60 seconds in length the best- engagement seems to be better, reach is higher and people watch the whole thing (you want them to get to the end). 
  • There are lots of apps that can help you create reels
  • People like to see faces – so showing the video version of podcasts is ideal (vs audiograms). 
  • Video podcasting is going through the roof. People want to see faces, body language and how people engage and communicate with eachother. Record and use video content from your podcast. 
  • What parts of the podcast should you use to create reels? Ask yourself, what was the big home run hit and the best of the best, the highlight clips (that is in context to the whole episode).
  • Recommends using 2 clips from the episode – don’t need to create more than that. 
  • Make sure the copy is a hook on that reel, that it peaks interest. The copy should make them want to listen. It can entice them to watch the whole episode. 
  • Mistakes – not formatting them the right way. The content has to be good – it has to come first. Show the good stuff up front. All the pop ups of images and fancy stickers aren’t as important. 
  • Mixing up formats. You won’t build a platform with quote cards. They want to see you, engage with you. Get over yourself and get on camera. If you do want to build a platform and make an impact you have to show up and show your face. 
  • Podcasting is the greatest networking tool of all times. 


Justin Schenck is an entrepreneur, speaker and the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement. He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine, featured in Thrive Global and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space.

Justin’s podcast has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting played in over 100 countries every single week and he has gone on to help countless people grow their brands and business through podcasting.

He is also the host and creator of one of the go to events for entrepreneurs and forward thinkers; Growth Now Summit LIVE!


Resources mentioned: 

Growth Now Movement



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