Creating Screencasts

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain Lyndsay Phillips steering you through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth.

In growing my business I expanded from just a one-person shop, and now I have up to 10 team members. In order to help with training and showing them how to do certain things, and even helping my clients, (i.e., explaining how to change a graphic), sometimes it’s just as easy to have a visual, right? I find it’s really helpful. If you’re a coach, like some of the clients I have, you can share something and show them how to do something. It’s just easier to explain than an email to show the visual. Let me share what I’ve learned about creating screencasts.

I’m going to share my screen and show you how to sign up for Jing, what it is and how easy it is to use and share the little videos.

The only drawback I find with Jing is that the videos can only be 5 minutes which make me talk really fast. Which isn’t always a good thing, but you can split it up and do like a 2 part show.

The site that you want to go to is and they’ve got a whole bunch of great products. Now, Jing enables you to do that little video to share with people. Now you also need for creating screencasts. Again, there are free versions of both. That enables you to store them and use them later and use them in different ways so you do actually need both.

For instance, I’m going to show you here. If I logged into my Screen Cast, I actually see even more of the history and how you can organize it in folders and so forth. You can see here in my history that I have a lot. Some of them I just use for one offs. Just to illustrate something for someone really quick on a task that they’re doing like that so I don’t need it on an ongoing basis. It is always important to give them a title. That way you can go back and delete them and keep the ones that you need.

Now, you can see here you can of course trash it, you can view it and you can share it. Once it is saved, you just hit share, view on Screencast, and that is the link that you would share for someone. As you can see, someone just plays it and kind of away they go.

I’m going to go back into Jing. I’m going to show you how to do a Screencast really quickly.

You choose the area of your screen that you want. Let’s say I only want to share that area. Then you can either do a screen shot (which is just capturing an image) or you can do a video.

Hello, this is just testing the video, doing your thing. Then of course you can cancel it and you can pause it if you don’t want them to see everything you’re doing cause it’ll just take forever. If you want to enter some data and then you can resume and then you can finish.

When it finishes, this pops up. You give it a title. I’ll just do test here. Then you hit share and then you can see up there that it loads. Sometimes they’re quite big depending on how much video and bandwidth you’re showing there. There you go! You just click and share it with whoever. Of course you can always go into your history to grab any old tutorials that you may have or use.

Yeah, I definitely recommend using it in your business. If you have a team, if you have clients where you need to show them things or visuals, even your coaching clients. Just go to Tech Smith and you’ll see their products, Jing and Screen Cast and sign up. They have free and paid versions, depending on what your needs are.

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