Creating Your Own Facebook Group

Sep 20, 2017

How to get started creating your own Facebook Group

Creating Your Own Facebook Group

Creating Your Own Facebook Group

I recently did an article about joining Facebook groups – what would motivate you to join, why they are beneficial and tips on how to use them.

Let’s talk about why you’d want to start one of your very own.

As mentioned – there are 3 types of Facebook Groups – Closed, Secret and Public. For the purpose of this article I’ll be talking about Closed/Secret groups. It’s an exclusive group of like minded individuals interested in the same things and have similar goals.

Most business pages (or Fan Pages they are also called) do not provide the level of engagement that you may wish for. A group, mind you, is a focused group of people interested in the same things. It provides a sense of community, a hang out if you will.

It’s a way of getting a ton of prospects right in front of your nose, one’s that you KNOW are interested in your area of expertise.

It provides you with an instant audience to your posts, your promotions, your products, your expertise. Don’t forget – participants of groups get notifications of new posts and comments, so it’s more effective to grab their attention vs hoping you are seen on their newsfeed.

It’s a way to beta test products or services – people love exclusive behind the scenes access and sneak peaks! You can get instant reactions and feedback from your avatar, prospects that are more ideal.

It’s a way to build trust and share your expertise with your posts, videos, podcasts and more. It’s a great way to provide exclusive live Facebook videos and connect with your audience more closely.

How to set one up

Go to the drop down menu where you can access your Facebook Page – you’ll see Create Group

2017 09 19 pic01

Choose your group name

Select Privacy – the type of group you want.

*you can add folks in later

Once you are on the group page you can edit your banner, description, contact information just like you do your profile or page.

Next you’ll go to the tabs on the left

facebook group

Go to Manage Group

Next you’ll see options on the left – go to Member Requests.

Here you go to the settings cogwheel on the right

facebook group

This is where you can ask those that request to join some questions. What industry they are in, are they committed to your mission (explain what that is), do they agree to be respectful – I mean the options are endless. Think about what’s important to you. It may even provide you with a wealth of information of your prospects!

This Member Requests is also where you will approve, decline or block those that request to be in your group (or even remind folks that haven’t answered the questions yet).

To manage your members go back to the Member Button on the left

facebook group

You can decide who else can be the administrator, or you can change someone as a moderator or have them leave the group. *Here is the list of differences between a moderator and an administrator 

facebook group

After you create the group, your banner and introductory message you can promote away to grow your Facebook Page Membership base, boost engagement and convert your group to grow your business. Now those last few topics are for another blog – stay tuned!

If you need help setting up your own Facebook Page give Smooth Business Growth a call. This is just one of the many social media services we provide to help you attract and acquire customers faster with powerful content marketing (and yes – Facebook Groups).