Using Podcast Cross Promotion to Grow Your Show

Sep 21, 2022

Cross Promotion

Mike Kadin is the founder and CEO of RedCircle, a podcast hosting platform that provides podcasters with hosting, growth and monetization opportunities. Listen to learn about how independent podcasters can tap into cross promotion as a strategy to grow their show, where to place your ad spots, and what elements make up a high-converting one.

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What RedCircle Is All About

  • RedCircle is a podcast hosting company, which offers hosting, growth and monetization features for podcasters of all levels.
  • Hosting, a fully automated advertising marketplace and a Patreon-like listener payment platform are some of the things RedCircle brings to the table.


Podcast Cross Promotion

  • As a RedCircle user you can find other podcasts hosted on the platform and exchange cross promotional clips without breaking a sweat.
  • Mike Kadin and his team facilitate this process and take care of the dynamic insertion of ads – as well as their removal once the campaign is over.
  • One of the big challenges of podcast cross promotion is the research, spreadsheets, and all the email exchanges required to actually make it happen. That’s where RedCircle comes in and helps speed up the process.
  • The platform lets you cross-promote to podcasts that are in a similar category and have a similar audience size than yours.
  • Once you’ve found the right podcast, you can contact them through RedCircle, record a 30s and a 60s promotional clip for their show and upload it to the platform. If everything looks and sounds good, both podcasters can approve the campaign in just a couple of clicks.


Ways to Promote and Grow Your Podcast

  • In addition to cross promotion, there are other ways podcasters can collaborate, thus promoting and growing their show.
  • You could be a podcast guest and be interviewed for someone else’s podcast, for example.
  • You could do feed drops where you’re putting an episode into somebody’s podcast into your show RSS feed.
  • For Mike and his team, podcast cross promotion is an effective strategy that can help you gain some audience and it’s what they’ve built the system around.
  • And this is just the beginning, since podcasters can also connect offline and explore additional ways to collaborate.
  • It’s important to remember that there are plenty of strategies and tools you can tap into and leverage but it all starts with producing high quality content people want to listen to and, eventually, tell their friends about.


Elements of a Good Promotion Slot 

  • The RedCircle team has done some research and found that there isn’t much differentiation between using 30s and 60s spots.
  • In these clips, you can insert a few seconds of content like emotional parts, snippets from interviews and short highlight reels.
  • As for the Call to Action of your 30s or 60s clip, you’d probably tell people something like ‘You can find [Show Name] on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.’


Where to Place an Ad Spot in Your Podcast

  • As explained by Mike, podcasters using RedCircle can configure where within an episode they’d want an ad to be inserted.
  • The RedCircle team has done some experiments that focused on testing pre- versus mid-rolls and haven’t found a huge difference in performance.
  • However, it’s important to remember that having an ad slot right at the beginning of the episode may lead to people fast-forwarding or changing shows because they’re likely to still hold their phone in their hand.
  • If you’d like to have a pre-roll Mike recommends having some content first (e.g. 30 seconds) to tease and introduce the episode, then have the pre-roll. 

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How to Approach Cross Promotion

  • Based on their experimentation, the RedCircle team has noticed that one of the key ingredients of a high-performing podcast cross promotion campaign is the alignment between your show audience and interests and that of a podcast you’re targeting.
  • There are topics you may not want to focus on or may be dealing with podcasters who don’t agree to do a campaign together because they see your show as a competitor to theirs.
  • Be authentic and personable in the way you approach other podcasters and don’t make them feel as if they’re part of a generalized spam campaign. Find shows that seem to have a similar audience and reach out.


About Using or Switching to RedCircle

  • If you’d like to leverage RedCircle’s automated cross promotion system your podcast will need to be hosted on RedCircle.
  • As Mike admits, switching from a podcast hosting company to another can take a little bit of time and energy. However, the move isn’t as complicated or as scary as it may seem.
  • The main cost podcast hosting companies have is bandwidth. Larger shows with lots of downloads or with 5-hour long episodes cost hosting companies a lot of money, whereas little shows cost them essentially nothing – and RedCircle doesn’t charge them for hosting.


About Mike

Mike Kadin is the founder and CEO of RedCircle. Through his experience building RedCircle’s technology, and growing the company’s customer base, Mike has had the unique experience of working with thousands of podcasters and advertisers; from the smallest marketers to the largest publishers in the space. He brings his technical background and expertise in the podcasting industry together to help move the audio advertising space forward for independent creators.

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