Cross Reference Marketing – a Simple (but often overlooked) Marketing Strategy

May 7, 2014

marketingCross Reference Marketing

If it’s not a term already, then I’m calling ‘dibs’. It’s so basic, so simple, yet so often overlooked!  What is cross-reference marketing? It means mentioning, highlighting and promoting all of your marketing efforts everywhere you have a presence. Let me give you four easy ways.

Website: Place social media icons (linked to your pages) so that people know where else you can be found. Let them know how to interact with you and your company, how to learn more about you and how to share your content with others.

Email Marketing: Invite your email subscribers to ‘like’ you on Facebook, to retweet, to share and to connect.  Put links to your social media platforms in your emails in a spot that is easy to see.  Whether it’s a simple weekly ‘tip’ email, an ezine or a solo marketing email for a specific campaign, it’s super easy and so important.  It’s a great idea to also put in the option of emailing to a friend, or sharing on Facebook to widen your community.

Social Media Platforms:  Don’t assume that those who follow you on Twitter are automatically ‘liking’ you on Facebook or checking out your boards on Pinterest.  Promote all of your sites and pages on each platform to take advantage of the following you have on each one, and to ensure they know how to find you on other social media platforms!

Social Media Profiles: Make sure all of your important information is easily visible on your social media pages and profiles, including your website address, phone number and email address – to make finding you easy! Remember to link blog posts back to your website! You can even create opt-ins right in Facebook!

These are just a few tips, but the key here is to always drive traffic to your website and all social media platforms to increase exposure, access and ‘shares’.  The goal is to engage, interact, build relationships, show that you are the expert in your field and bring more people into your online circle or community.  Make all of your online marketing efforts count and be seen more – with cross reference marketing!