Crush it on Instagram with Tabitha Carro

May 15, 2018


Today we are chatting with the Tabitha Carro, creator of Smartphone Marketing School and rock star entrepreneur teaching marketers smartphone design techniques to build their biz online and she will share how to curate beautiful Instagram posts. So Let’s set sail!


  • I love the concept of building your biz and doing your online marketing right from your phone (and potentially couch)… I see you have 10K followers on IG – what is it that you love so much about Instagram?
  • How can business owners grow their following on Instagram?
  • What are your favorite IG apps and tools?
  • What are stories and how can you use them?
  • What are the best apps to have for creating visually appealing stories for Facebook and IG?

For 13 years, Tabitha Carro was an elementary school teacher who ran her own curriculum design business on the side. But after discovering her passion was helping fellow business owners, she left the classroom and turned her side hustle into a full-time business. In May of 2016, Tabitha created the Smartphone Marketing School (a blog and membership site) to share her smartphone design techniques with fellow online marketers. Through her course content, members are learning how to create professional videos, product photos, and social media designs without the need for camera equipment, desktop software, or outsourcing design work. Tabitha can either be found in South Carolina with her husband and Yorkie-Poo or on the road in their RV travel van.

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