Understanding the 8 Different Types of Social Media Posts

Understanding the Different Types of Social Media Posts

Understanding the Different Types of Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

There’s social media posts lingo? There is for me, in my business! It helps me categorize the different types of social media posts when getting my staff to take on tasks and work on drafts for my clients.

They may not be well-known terms ‘out there’… but I find them helpful nonetheless. Let me share the different types of social media posts with you and some of the terms around them.

8 Different Types of Social Media Posts

Text Post: These are social media posts that are strictly text. Typically they are fun quotes, tips and pieces of advice that are quick to read and easy to share. It also shows that you know your stuff and are an expert in your field (depending on content of course).

                Ex:  Don’t go #hashtag crazy. Use them strategically, and only use 1-3 per post. Tweet: Don’t go #hashtag crazy. Use them strategically, and only use 1-3 per post. http://ctt.ec/c0eKa+

Testimonial Post: This means you are either posting a testimonial (strictly textual) OR you are linking to a video testimonial. So the text part of the post would be a lead in, and of course you supply the link to that video.

                Ex: Sam raves how ABC Event boosted his profits in 2 weeks! Check out what he had to say…  (you tube url for example)

Podcast Post: This is where you would promote a podcast and include the link to the actual podcast. It’s great to include a graphic as well (often one is provided if you are the guest, or you create one if you are the interviewer).

                Ex:  Don’t miss my interview with Tax Expert Diane Gardner and learn how to stop overpaying your taxes! (link to podcast, and graphic)  

                Tip here: When mentioning another business or person, ensure you use their Twitter Handle or tag them in Facebook… that way the post goes on their pages too!

Blog Post: With this type you are promoting your blog to entice folks to click the link and read your blog, so the post would be a lead in that is quick & snappy so they know what it’s about. You would have the link to our blog page and also a text graphic.

                Ex: Learn the top 6 ways you can get more LIKES on Facebook in this week’s blog. (url to blog, and insert text graphic)

Video Post: This post would promote one your new videos. So you would have a lead in that tells people what the video is about and intrigue them to click and view! It’s ideal to link to a video that’s embedded in your website, but You Tube is good too!

                Ex: What are the best ways to get honest customer feedback? Listen to my video and find out! (url to video and graphic is optional)

Fun Post: This is just something fun and quirky, whether it’s a joke, a funny picture you found, an interesting news story, an inspirational quote. Text graphics are optional. If you want to link to a site that has a bunch of funny photos or a great story – that’s fun too! Tweet: Dont be afraid to show your lighter side. Make some funny, light-hearted posts for your business. Pictures optional! http://ctt.ec/MB842+

                Ex: Christmas time is here, as parents love to watch their kids Christmas Pageants. Need a laugh today? – watch this hilarious show! (url to funny kids pageant blooper video)

Event Post: When you have events, whether it’s a teleseminar, new program, workshop or live event you always want to promote it on social media. This post would entice folks to go to the landing page, or websites event page, to sign up (and get more info)

                Ex: Make more money next year with my upcoming FAST TRACK Academy, February 1st. Learn more here… (link to webpage, and text graphic is important too)

  1. If you have products vs events/services – you can promote them too!

List Building Post: Sometimes I call it the Opt-In post. It’s where you want to entice your social media followers to go to your website to get a free report, join your ezine list to get more great tips, get a free E-Book (or whatever your opt-ins are on your website). Don’t assume that folks that are following you are on your e-list. So promote your giveaway!

                Ex: Stop overpaying your taxes and get this FREE Download Bundle today! (link to landing page, or webpage where the opt-in button is – a graphic showing what the gift is would be beneficial)

There are tons of different types of social media posts mind you, in respects to content. If you are looking for more content ideas? Check out my blog on No Excuse – A Month’s Worth of Social Media Content!

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