Tips For Using Facebook Direct Messaging For Marketing

Aug 22, 2017

Direct Message Marketing in Facebook can be of great use.

direct message marketingAs various social media platforms evolve and respond to what users need and want on the site, making interaction easier seems to be at the heart of the new features.

One of the new features that Facebook has offered is a way for businesses to directly interact with the customers through Facebook direct messaging options. This was introduced in the mid part of 2015 and continues to grow in popularity. Many businesses are missing out on the marketing opportunity simply because they may not realize the value of this additional component to the page.

Why It Matters

Research shows that specific groups of consumers, most specifically the Millennials, want to have a meaningful connection with the companies they choose to do business with. In other words, they look for companies with the same social consciousness, that have the same values and that spend corporate time and money on causes of interest to this group and these individuals.

direct message marketing 1

Through the use of Facebook direct messaging it is possible for users of Facebook to interact directly with the company’s Facebook page. It is also a way for the business to have a personal and private conversation with the consumer, which is similar to a virtual consultation where the consumer and the business can directly interact.

How it Works

As a business, when you have an ad online, your customers can contact you through the Send Message button that is located on the actual ad. This is ideal as the consumer just clicks on the button that shows on their news feed ad, without the need to go to your page or to leave their news feed.

The business will see the message listed in their message icon, which allows the social media team to respond to the customer’s question. To make it easier for a response, the incoming message from the customer will also include an attachment that indicates the ad that triggered the communication. Not only does this provide information for the response, but it is also a top analytics tool to see which ads are drawing the most positive attention.

direct message marketing 2

For businesses, it can also be important if negative comments are coming in through the direct message option. This can allow the business to respond to the messages privately and pull the marketing ad before significantly marketing damage occurs.

Businesses will also be rewarded by Facebook for a quick reply to a message. When the business responds at high rates, over 90%, to messages within five minutes of sending will be rewarded with a special public badge that lets customers know the company is highly responsive.

direct message marketing 3

Facebook Bots may also be a marketing option to consider. This will allow customers to place orders, book appointments, get ideas from your website, or find answers to questions through the Facebook messenger platform. Customers will simply type in what they are looking for and the bot will bring up a list of options, place the order, or even remind customers of a special event so they can place an order. Marketing Genius! 

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