Using Direct Messages To Grow Your Business

Dec 4, 2018

direct messages

Direct Messages

Using direct messages on social media puts you in the driver’s seat, to connect with your dream client and start a conversation. One of my clients started using them on LinkedIn to start a following and fill his first few events. His coaching business grew from nothing to $5M a year in less than 5 years!

Direct Messages are there for more than just customer service, although that IS an important element! But here are some ways you can use them to your advantage to build stronger relationships and grow your business.

Direct Messages answer questions personally – Some may ask questions related to your posts. Answer and reply to that comment, but you can also hit their profile then message them directly.

It adds that personal touch. It gives you the ability to not simply reply with a few sentences, but to serve at a higher level. You can thank them personally for their question or comment and offer MORE information or tips that you couldn’t elaborate on in the social media post comment.

You can also attach a video or podcast episode or blog or resource that will help them further. Plus it’s a chance for them to engage in your content on a more personal level. It shows that you care and this is HUGE when it comes to building a relationship.

Just don’t be ‘salesy’. Don’t invite them to an event or book a call with you as soon as they comment on your post. You’ll scare them away! Check in on them a week or so later to see how they are doing on that particular topic.

See how they liked the resource you sent them. Invite them to a chat on Facebook (did you know you can call someone via Audio or Video through Facebook too?!) to elaborate and help them further. Invite them to a webinar you are holding – a ‘hey in case you are interested’ type offer. Be nonchalant. Serve first.

Ask THEM a question – reach out to them if you like one of their posts or blogs and ask a question personally through a direct message versus commenting on the post. Let them know you really enjoyed that article, how it helped you. Ask if they have any other resources that are in the same vein. They’ll be glad you did!

Invite them as a podcast guest – Let them know how much you like their content, ask them if they would be interested in being a guest on your show. You DO need to share your mission and audience for your show and show how they are aligned and what content you’d be thrilled to have them share. Be specific.

Direct Messages as a Follow up – If you met them at an event, follow up to ‘check in’ and see how they are doing. Send them a picture you have from the event you think they’d enjoy.

Reward top followers – if you have some followers that are always engaged, reward them! Send them a DM and offer them a free gift, whether it’s a prize or free access to a product or simply acknowledge your appreciation.

Birthdays – It’s great to send the messages on their wall, but it’s more personal to send a Direct Message. It shows that you are taking extra effort. Send an e-card, or fun gif or image too, but most importantly a sincere message from you.

Congratulations – Congratulate people on news they have. Whether it’s a new product launch, they met a goal or just got engaged, sending a personal message shows that you care and gives them that extra touch.

Exclusive Updates – send some exclusive updates BEFORE things launch publicly. It makes them feel like they are special and inside the ‘circle’ so to speak.

Direct Messages with Exclusive Offers – don’t be afraid to send exclusive offers to some of your best followers on Social Media. Again, it makes them feel special and fosters that relationship.

Taking that extra time to reach out personally, through Direct Messages, no matter what the reason seems like a small thing, but it’s a big step towards building trust, staying top of mind and fostering a solid relationship online.