Instagram Direct Messaging Strategies To Boost Engagement & Conversion

Sep 13, 2023

Direct Messaging

DMing is more than just a communication tool. It’s a way to build intimate relationships with your listeners, humanize your brand, and capture their attention in a crowded digital space. But it’s so time-consuming, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be with Stampede Social. I chatted with creator Jeffrey Dwoskin about social media engagement, DM strategies, how to automate, track results and grow your podcast using Stampede Social.  

Here’s a taste of what we chatted about:

  • The challenges of engagement on social media and why DM’g is the way to go to connect with prospects. 
  • A tool to automate your DM’g strategy 
  • How to build listeners and relationships through a DM strategy 
  • Features of Stampede Social, such as direct episode sharing and data analytics
  • How to use Stampede Social for automations, sponsor promotions, and tracking 
  • A way to create a 360-degree view of your Instagram engagement

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The benefits of direct messaging [00:01:10] Explains the advantages of using direct messaging as a strategy for engagement and building relationships with listeners.

Stampede Social simplifies sharing podcast episodes [00:02:27] Discusses how Stampede Social allows podcasters to share episodes with their fans through direct messages, making it easier for listeners to access the content.

Data and analytics for audience engagement [00:09:36] Highlights the importance of data and analytics in understanding audience engagement, and how Stampede Social provides insights on engagement beyond click-through rates.

The benefits of using Stampede Social [00:11:55] Jeffrey explains the features of Stampede Social, including AI tools for engagement responses and a 360 view of engagement on Instagram.

Using Stampede Social for automation and data tracking [00:13:03] Jeffrey discusses how podcasters can set up automations and campaigns on Stampede Social to track engagement, conversions, and audience interests.

Creating giveaways with Stampede Social [00:19:08] Jeffrey explains two ways to create giveaways using Stampede Social, including hashtag giveaways with registration forms and post-level giveaways with winner selection tools.

Stampede Social Features [00:22:27] Jeffrey explains the features of Stampede Social, including user-generated content campaigns and simplified management and measurement of Instagram engagement.

Benefits of Stampede Social [00:24:25] Lindsay discusses the benefits of using Stampede Social, such as increasing engagement, followers, and sales, and the time and money saved compared to manual DMing.

Feedback on Stampede Social [00:25:32] Jeffrey shares that people are loving Stampede Social and how it is a game changer once users spend a few minutes figuring it out.

Stampede Social’s features [00:33:11] Jeffrey explains the canned responses feature and how it simplifies setting up multiple campaigns quickly.

Monitoring DMs [00:33:58] Lindsay asks if there is a way to track the DMs and get notified when they go out.

Using Stampede Social for sales and affiliate marketing [00:35:20] Jeffrey explains how Stampede Social can be used to drive sales and track user actions, such as completing a sign-up or clicking on a link.


The Rise of DMing and the Challenges of Social Media Engagement

In our conversation, Jeffrey and I delved into the rising popularity of DMing and the challenges podcasters face in getting engagement on social media platforms. I’ve always believed that DMing allows for more intimate and direct communication with listeners, which can help humanize a business and capture their attention. Jeffrey echoed this sentiment, explaining that Stampede Social allows podcasters to send episodes directly to their fans’ DMs, making it easier for listeners to access the content at their convenience.

Stampede Social: A Game-Changer for Podcasters

Jeffrey walked me through the features of Stampede Social, such as unique links and data analytics, which provide valuable insights into audience engagement. I was excited about the potential of this tool for podcasters to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Stampede Social’s AI tools can help users pick tones, themes, and personas for engagement responses on Instagram. Users can create engagement responses, edit them, and send them to increase interaction with their audience. The tool provides a 360-degree view of engagement happening on Instagram and helps users get closer to their fans.

The Power of Data and Analytics

Jeffrey emphasized the importance of data and analytics in understanding audience engagement. With Stampede Social, podcasters can download reports to analyze which types of posts, such as carousels or videos, generate more engagement. They can also set up automations from their podcasts, such as creating a mailing list campaign. By asking listeners to DM a specific hashtag, podcasters can convert anonymous listeners into known ones and follow up with them.

Enhancing Engagement with Stampede Social

Jeffrey and I discussed the features and benefits of Stampede Social, a tool designed to simplify and enhance engagement on Instagram. The tool allows users to run campaigns and track user-generated content, making it easy to promote and measure engagement. It also offers an engagement tool that generates responses based on the context of the post, saving time and effort in crafting personalized responses.

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Dwoskin is a recognized pioneer in the e-commerce, digital, and social media space with deep expertise in coordinating targeted business strategy and operational excellence for multi-million dollar corporations. With social media engagement strategy and community-building expertise for small and billion-dollar companies, he is known for taking on undefined challenges and consistently finding success in ambiguity.

Jeffrey is gifted in coordinating across multiple teams and stakeholders with different needs and objectives and has strong technical acumen with expertise in marrying marketing and business needs with digital technology. With core skills in marketing strategy, product management/innovation, and social media strategy, Jeffrey has a proven track record in client services management, cross-team collaboration, and public speaking/presenting.

Currently, as a Co-Founder of Stampede Social, Jeffrey has pioneered the launch of this company, helping brands collect first-party data from social channels by leveraging the power of real customer conversation and engagement across multiple social media platforms.

Prior to this, Jeffrey was the Director of Consumer Engagement at Little Caesars Pizza, where he was responsible for overseeing massive channel growth, increasing organic impression growth on all social channels, and revamping the approach to social customer care. Jeffrey was also responsible for their emerging digital ordering (e-commerce) roadmap, business requirements, and digital strategy that took Little Caesars Pizza into the world of online digital ordering.


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