Elevating Authority, Visibility, and Sales Through Podcast Guesting

May 10, 2024

Podcast Guesting

Why stress over creating new content from scratch when you can leverage and repurpose valuable podcast episodes and guest appearances? I shared how to strategically leverage and repurpose podcast interviews to boost visibility, leads, and create branded authority-boosting content on the Marketing, Media & Money Podcast with Patty Farmer. 

We chat about the need for a systematic guesting approach, covering everything from YouTube content creation to SEO-optimized show notes. Moreover, you will get practical tips for repurposing podcast content to ensure ongoing promotion and relationship building. Whether you’re a podcast host or guest, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you leverage the podcasting platform for significant impact. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase visibility, exposure, leads, and sales through podcast guesting
  • Importance of hosting raw footage on YouTube linked to detailed show notes on the website
  • Using lead magnets and strategically crafted descriptions for effective call-to-actions
  • Ways guests can shape their public perception and control narratives
  • Importance of repurposing podcast content for ongoing promotion and outreach
  • Utilizing platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and social media for broader distribution
  • Importance of having a structured system
  • Different ways to repurpose podcast content into reels, YouTube shorts, social media posts, and emails
  • Tools and Resources for Podcasters and Guests
  • Building Relationships and Opportunities through Podcasting

Leverage and Repurpose

Don’t let your guest appearances fade into obscurity after the episode airs. Instead, repurpose the content on your own platforms. By doing so, you reinforce your expertise and control the narrative of how you want to be perceived.

Control the Narrative

When you publish podcast episodes on your website, you not only boost your SEO but also control how you’re positioned. Craft compelling show notes that highlight your key points and personality, ensuring that visitors to your site see you as an expert in your field.

Build Relationships

Guesting on podcasts isn’t just a one-time transaction. It’s an opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with hosts and fellow entrepreneurs. By taking the extra step to promote episodes and tag hosts, you stand out and increase the likelihood of being invited back or recommended to other shows.

Create Evergreen Content

The content you create from guest appearances becomes evergreen assets that continue to work for you long after the episode airs. Use snippets, quotes, and insights from these appearances to fuel your social media, blog posts, and email newsletters, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Leverage Other People’s Platforms

You need to have a structured approach to guest appearances, which includes promoting the podcast episodes across various channels, such as YouTube, LinkedIn articles, social media, and email newsletters.

By repurposing podcast content and creating engaging snippets for different platforms, you can reach new audiences and drive traffic back to your own channels. Showcase your guest appearances on your website to provide social proof and further enhance your credibility.

Dispelling Common Myths

One common myth discussed was the fear of repeating the same content across different platforms. Each podcast appearance offers a unique opportunity to share insights tailored to the host’s audience, ensuring that your message remains fresh and engaging.

Another myth debunked was the misconception that podcast guesting is only beneficial for hosts with their own podcasts. Guest appearances offer valuable opportunities to showcase your expertise and build relationships with hosts and their audiences, regardless of whether you have your own podcast.

Implementing a Systematic Approach

I give practical advice on implementing a systematic approach. Start with a template for show notes, email outreach, and social media posts to streamline the process and ensure consistency across guest appearances.

By starting with the basics, such as asking for video footage and creating show notes, you can gradually refine your approach and expand your reach over time. Consistency is key, and does require effort and refinement.


Are you repurposing & leveraging the podcasts you guest on – or are you leaving money on the table? 

When used right, your podcast interviews should give you a ton of juicy content that will help you attract and convert your ideal client.  It should help give you oodles of consistent content, help you be more visible, showcase your authority, grow your list, build an audience and generate clients.

BUT simply posting that a show is live is NOT enough. You need to be STRATEGIC and CONSISTENT.

We are looking for 2 podcast guests who are running six figure businesses who know their audience and want to be more visible and attract their ideal clients faster with consumable repurposed content.  The best part – it’s DONE FOR YOU without any headaches or delays.

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