eList building tool Snip.ly, could take your biz to the next level

Hey everyone, it’s a Lyndsay with Smooth Sailing Business Growth and I’m sharing yet another tool for you.

A client of mine shared this elist tool with me and I started using it for my business in a couple of ways and now we’re starting to use it for his. So I have to do a tutorial video for my staff to implement it for my client, so I thought I would kill a few birds with one stone and show you as well because it is a really cool tool. It’s called SNIPLY.

My client was on the front cover of a magazine and so we want to share that magazine right on social media with his eList and let everybody know that he’s been published and there’s an article about him. But, we want to take it one step further. When people click on that, we want them to join his eList and we want a little pop-up to show up so that they can do so and that’s what this does.

So simply paste in that URL there. I’m going to create a snip.

So here are different options. Can you see how this one is a full bar? There are different sizes you can use. I’m going to be making a new call to action right now because this is a new SNIPLY.

Here is one different kind. So that’s the brand I’m going to use.

  • You can load and choose different pictures
  • different types of links that you have, or choose a form, you can have a text link, you can have a full image ad, or you can create a new button
  • You can enter the message you want. And then put “click here” and then the link for the actual URL for an opt-in.
  • You can make color changes to meet your client’s branding specifications.
  • You can change the background color and text color.

You can tweak it for theme, size, and type of SNIPLY. If you have the Pro version you can take off that little SNIPLY logo.

Here is what happens, and here is a preview link. When someone goes to that “PHC news article” that we’re going to share on social media, they will see it, which is awesome, but they also see this offer for a free warrior library or you can have a blog or a video or a cheat sheet or a webinar. I mean you can have it anything you want, you can totally mix them up. So you have to use, instead of the URL that goes to the PHC, the news item, or whatever it is, you simply use the SNIPLY URL when you’re pre-scheduling your social media or a link that you’re using within your eList email.

It’s pretty awesome. You’re going to get more opt-ins on things that you’re sharing. Bear in mind that there are other ways to use SNIPLY, for example let’s say you want to share an article that somebody else has written because it is such great content, but not necessarily your own, but you know it resonates with your audience… you can do that with SNIPLY … capture attention and add to your eList.

So they will still see a little pop-up about your business or your offer, whatever it may be, and another way to get them in your eList and give them content that is relevant to them

I hope you enjoyed that, I hope you use it. I would love for you to share examples that you’ve done. If you want other great tips OR want our team implementing amazing social and content marketing strategies for your business so you can grow faster head over to SmoothBusinessGrowth.com. So until next time folks…

Have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.