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Using Content Marketing To Provide Value and Serve Others

Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on Entrepreneur’s Sales School with Chris Spurvey and Calvin Simpson

content marketing


3 Key Points Lyndsay covers in our conversation:

  • Content marketing is a way to provide value and a way to serve other people. It is also another way to attract new clients and an avenue to nurture them, then you can take over the sales from there – going in for the ask, putting in your call-to-action, ask them for a strategy call. When you can get them to the phone or in person, you can work your own magic.
  • For an implementation of a content marketing strategy, there are two things – start somewhere and be consistent. The former is about knowing who your target market is, where they’re hanging out and what they like; the latter, however, is about making sure that whatever you’re doing, whether it’s a blog, videos, or social media posts, do it in a consistent basis. Get a rhythm or routine. Not when you have time, or when you’ll get to that later because that just doesn’t work.
  • For sales funnels, first is get people to put content out there and be consistent; next, they have to understand what their product ladder is. You can’t have a sales funnel unless you have a clear path or progression of what your services are because you have to take them from A to D in a natural progression. So initially, you at least want to keep in touch with your prospects, nurture them, warm them, let them know who you are, what solutions you have prepared for them and you also always have to ask, put a call-to-action.



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