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Smooth Sailing Business Growth helps busy entrepreneurs attract new clients with content marketing. We’re covering everything, from blogs, videos, social media, and email marketing. Obviously, we’re more focused on podcasts and their ability to reach different types of people.

It’s not just about delivering content. We want to create effective strategies to promote your business. And there’s more than one way to promote your podcast, blog posts, or website! In this small guide, I’ll discuss those ways to promote a podcast, but make sure to check out our articles on content marketing and SEO for entrepreneurs for additional information.

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How Do I Get More Listeners for My Podcast?

Podcast promotion starts with creating the first episode. That’s right – you need to start big and deliver quality content. Remember, quality is everything! If you don’t create great content, your marketing efforts will be in vain. Get excellent guests onboard and bring out your interviewing skills because it’s time to make a splash with your awesome new podcast.

Attracting new listeners ain’t an easy task, especially when there are so many good shows already out there. You need an effective marketing strategy to get your podcast heard and to stand out from the crowd. Utilize all available digital marketing tools!

You marketing mix should include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Podcast marketing

Social Media Marketing

You need to be visible on social networks in order to succeed. Naturally, you don’t have to be present on ALL platforms, and that’s basically impossible if you don’t have a huge social media management team. For small business owners, I suggest checking out what networks your target audience is using and increasing your engagement there.

Each social media platform is unique and has a different user base. Facebook is still the most popular network, but Instagram’s popularity rises each day, especially among younger generations. LinkedIn is needed for professional networking efforts, while Twitter can be used for PR statements. Discussion platforms such as Reddit are also very important for podcasters.

A great way to choose your main network is to post on different platforms for some time. Then, track the analytic data to measure responses and see where your target audience is the most active.

Email Marketing

Use your email list to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis. Inform your listeners about the new episodes, share valuable resources, and ask for feedback.

You don’t want to spam people on your email list, but you shouldn’t be inactive either. Find the perfect frequency of content. I suggest you send one email to announce every episode and another for a follow-up. If you have a new podcast episode each week, that’s two emails on a weekly basis.

Creating and sending a mass email is quite simple, especially when you’re using good emailing marketing software. However, creating quality content for each newsletter might be a bit harder. You can outsource this type of work and find a writer (or an agency) that can do it for you, or just try different approaches and strategies to find something that works.

The hardest part of email marketing might be getting an email address from the podcast audience and creating an email list. That’s where your lead magnets need to excel! You need to offer additional value to the listeners, so they will be much more likely to share their email addresses with you.

Paid Advertising

Traditional advertising can help you promote your podcast, too. Get targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you might consider important, and wait for the results. Paid ads can be a great way to get new listeners to click on the link to your podcast, but you need to have something to keep them there. Interesting titles, interesting content, a show description, show notes, and other material that accompanies a podcast show all play a part in keeping listeners hooked.

Podcast Marketing

There are also some unique methods of promoting your podcast. If you want to grow your podcast audience, you need the help of other people in the industry. You can contact other podcasters, join online podcast communities, join a podcast network, etc.

Microphone Podcast

Podcast Networks

To get started, submit your show in different podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Then, once you get enough fans, you can join a podcast network to further increase your visibility and reach new podcast listeners.

Podcast networks connect shows based on a theme or a genre. Their goal is to promote and monetize each show. When you’re a part of the network, you can connect with both other podcasters and potential sponsors.

Be a Guest on Different Podcasts

If you haven’t tried guest podcasting, you’re missing out on a lot! Don’t wait for new listeners to come to you; go to them. Promote your podcast by guesting on other people’s podcasts. Naturally, you’re not there to spam-promote your podcast, but you can help a colleague make a great show.

Offer valuable insights, share your expertise, talk about the topics you’re exploring on your show, and (most importantly) be entertaining! When people enjoy hearing you on someone else’s show, they will definitely look you up and check the latest episodes of your show.

Ask Your Guests for Help

If you interview people with decent bases of followers, make sure to ask them to promote your podcast and the episode you made together. You’ll both benefit from the exposure, so it’s a win-win situation! Podcast guests often forget to promote, or they might not keep track of air dates, so you might need to give them a gentle reminder. Just send them an email that you would appreciate the support now that the episode is live.

Work with Other Podcasters

Another great way to attract a new podcast audience is to work with other podcast producers. Networking with people in the podcast industry and getting a shoutout from your colleagues can be a huge boost in your podcast promotion.

Cross-promotion between podcasters is one of the best ways to attract new listeners. A shoutout from a podcaster in your niche allows you to dip into the same target audience and reap the results. Word of mouth is such a powerful method to promote a podcast! People are more likely to check out a genuine recommendation from their favorite podcaster than to click on a paid ad.

Podcast SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t just for blogs and videos. You need to rank your podcast, too! If you optimize your content (both your website and your show) for search engines, you’ll be able to get organic traffic.

Increase visibility by making your podcast SEO friendly. Research relevant keywords in your niche and make them a part of your show. You should organize the topics around the most relevant search terms and include them in the show notes.

Make sure to speak in a clear voice and get rid of the “umm,” “hmm,” and other stutter words. This will help the search engine recognize your content as relevant for the keywords you’re hunting. Transcripts of the show can also help you immensely with this.

How Do I Promote My Podcast in 2020?

This year has been especially crazy, so the best way to promote your podcast is to be consistent. A lot of entrepreneurs get lost in running a business and put aside their marketing efforts, especially when it comes to delivering consistent content for social media, blogs, etc.

I cannot stress enough how important consistency is. It helps you build credibility and reputation. People need to trust you before they get something from you. If you don’t post regular content, or if you have a messy Facebook page, for example, people won’t put their trust in your show. Keeping things neat and publishing content consistently will improve your brand image and help you bring trust with customers.


How Do I Promote My Podcast on Spotify?

Spotify is a podcast directory that gives you access to over 200 million listeners. It functions similarly to iTunes – you need to submit your podcast and place it in a category. Make the most appealing visuals, from cover art to the title. You need to encourage your listeners to click on your podcast and check it out.

The same applies to the description of the show. You have a couple of lines to convince the potential listeners to click “play.” Get right to the point and explain what you’ll talk about in the podcast. After people click on the episode and finish watching it, make sure to invite them to keep following you for more episodes. Your show must have a call-to-action and make it easy for new listeners to become followers.

Don’t clickbait people into hearing your show. If people click on the podcast but don’t finish watching it, that’s a warning sign for Spotify’s system. If listeners do finish the episode and start following you, Spotify will recommend you show a similar audience.

Keep an eye on Spotify’s analytics dashboard, so you can compare your episodes and see what type of content is performing better. You can also get information about the listeners’ demographics and interests. This will help you improve your content and reach more listeners.

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