A Facebook Ad Strategy That Will Boost Your Podcast’s Visibility

Sep 6, 2023

Facebook Ad Strategy

Hey there! In this podcast episode, we dive into a fascinating topic with our guest, Matt from Chime House Media. We’re talking all about how social media algorithm changes are affecting advertising, specifically on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, you might be wondering why this is important for podcasters like you and me. Well, Matt really hammers home the significance of audience building and nurturing. It’s crucial for us to connect with our listeners and keep them engaged.

Matt breaks down how social media platforms use behavioral data to personalize content and target ads. It’s pretty fascinating stuff. But he also sheds light on the challenges faced by small businesses with limited budgets. These changes in targeting options can really make it tough for them to reach their desired audience.

But fear not! Matt also highlights the benefits of using podcasts for lead generation and building trust with our audience. It’s a powerful tool that can really help us grow our brand and connect with our listeners on a deeper level.

And of course, Matt doesn’t leave us hanging without some practical tips. He shares some great insights on creating engaging content and using pattern interrupters for social media promotion. These little tricks can really make a big difference in catching people’s attention and getting them to tune in.

To wrap things up, Matt has a special offer for all you podcasters out there. He’s offering assistance with your advertising strategy. So if you’re looking to up your game and get some expert guidance, this is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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In This Episode

  • ([00:38]) The changes in social media algorithms
  • ([03:33]) The impact of iOS update on targeted ads
  • ([09:32]) The importance of audience building for podcasters
  • ([11:07]) The effectiveness of podcasts in condensing time and building trust with the audience
  • ([12:21]) The optimal length for video clips on social media platforms and the importance of capturing attention quickly.
  • ([20:11]) Importance of social media advertising for podcasters and the need for a strategy to reach a wider audience.
  • ([21:10]) The challenge of finding and targeting the ideal client on the internet.
  • ([21:43]) The importance of building an email list and utilizing it for sales funnels and other strategies.
  • ([30:12]) Challenges with previous ads managers
  • ([31:06]) Importance of transparency in reporting
  • ([34:12]) Teaching and coaching services
  • ([39:46]) The importance of social media advertising
  • ([40:43]) The accessibility and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising
  • ([41:02]) The popularity of Facebook advertising


Understanding Social Media Algorithms

Matt shed light on the fact that social media platforms are designed to keep users engaged for as long as possible. This is achieved by showing users targeted ads based on their behavioral data. He likened this process to the Sims game, where each user’s profile is created based on their online behavior.

However, recent changes such as Apple’s iOS update and Google Chrome’s removal of cookies have affected targeted ads. Facebook, in response, has altered their targeting options, making it more challenging for small businesses with limited budgets to run effective sales ads.


The Power of Podcasts in Audience Building

Despite these challenges, Matt believes that podcasters have a unique advantage. Podcasts, being conversational, can help build the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor with listeners. This makes them an effective tool for lead generation and building trust with an audience.

He also highlighted the effectiveness of short video clips for social media promotion, emphasizing the need to grab attention within the first six seconds. Matt advised podcasters to focus on creating engaging content that resonates with their target audience and to use pattern interrupters, such as human faces, to stop the scroll.


The Importance of Captions and Consistent Content Strategy

Matt also underscored the significance of captions, as many viewers watch videos without sound. He recommended having a consistent content strategy and organic engagement to nurture and build an engaged audience.

The ultimate goal of running ads, according to Matt, is to cultivate an audience and create a custom audience based on those who interact with the content. This allows for better targeting and reaching more of the ideal audience.


Monetizing Your Podcast

Matt mentioned that monetizing a podcast typically requires around 1,000 to 5,000 downloads per episode. He also discussed the importance of reaching the right audience for podcasters. Organic growth and cross-promotion on other podcasts can be effective, but it may not always reach the ideal clients or target audience.


Building Your Email List

Matt suggested that podcasters start by building their email list and using it for various sales funnel strategies like webinars or booking calls. He also mentioned that their agency focuses on helping small business owners with limited budgets, as they understand the struggles of growing a business with limited resources.


Dispelling Misconceptions About Facebook Ads

Our conversation also touched on the misconceptions and wrong expectations that business owners often have about Facebook ads. Matt emphasized that ads alone won’t save a business and that building relationships with clients is crucial. He also mentioned that they teach clients how to run their own ads, which can save money and prevent them from being taken advantage of by agencies.


Clear Communication and Setting Expectations

Matt discussed the challenges that arise when working with clients who have had previous bad experiences with ads. He emphasized the importance of clear communication and setting expectations from the beginning.


Learning to Navigate the Technical Aspects of Ads Platforms

Matt and his wife, who run the agency, have spent over $1 million in ad spend with their clients and have worked with clients of various budgets. They believe that effective audience targeting and building a personal brand can help small businesses, including podcasters, achieve their goals.

About Matt

Matt Shields is the co-founder of ChimeHouse Media, a boutique social media ad agency. He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and co-founder Megan and their dog Tallulah. As proud extroverts, Matt and Megan love to work closely with their clients, truly understand their businesses and be sure that they are getting the most out of their ad strategy. They built ChimeHouse Media during 2020 and have been serving online service providers since the beginning. Matt and Megan both hold board positions in the American Marketing Association chapter in Charlotte, putting on live networking events and connecting people.


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