Analyzing Your Facebook Engagement

Apr 12, 2017

Facebook Engagement through Facebook Insights can really grow your business!

Today I want to talk to you about Facebook Insights and Facebook engagement, and that’s really finding out how many people are engaging in your content, how many people are liking it. Is it working? Is the content that you’re putting out there actually resonating with people? Are they sharing it?

Do they even like it? Do they hate videos? Do they enjoy podcasts better? You want to know if the content that you’re putting out there is actually working, if it’s grabbing people’s attention, and if it’s getting engagement. Actually, I had a meeting today with someone and they said, they were wondering what the better metrics were and if page likes was one of them.

Absolutely not! I mean, people can like your page and then never visit again. You want to know who’s engaging, how many people are engaging, and who loves your content and who’s sharing it, so that you can do more of it and you can tweak your content marketing accordingly.

I’ll show the backend of a Facebook webpage (the Insights page) just to show you what it looks like so you know where to go and what to look for in terms of Facebook engagement

You can see here

  • how many page views (this is just within the past week; you can change it to month or whatever you like).
  • Page likes
  • how many engagements
  • how many videos are being watched
  • how many people are you actually reaching
  • how many people are your posts being showed to is what the reach means, really.

Then, it’ll tell you if it’s going up or down and so forth. Now, here is where all of the good stuff happens, it’s where all the good, juicy insights are.

This will tell you the reach, and I like it because you can just see it

  • by the color
  • by the bar.

This one had more reach than say this one.

  • How many people clicked it?
  • How many reactions?
  • How many comments and shares?

Then, if you click on the actual link itself, it will then show you

  • what that engagement was
  • who shared it
  • who commented

and you can re-look at that post to see what that content was it about. If you’re a dog groomer or you have a doggy daycare for instance, you want to know are they caring more about potty training for dogs or do they care more about grooming? Do they care more about puppies? Do they enjoy the content that you share about your business? Are they caring more about tips? Do they like your videos more? If you click on that one that’s getting a lot of reach, a lot of action, a lot of sharing, you want to know why. What is it about that post that you think they like?

If you track that on a month to month, you don’t have to go crazy, even if you do what your top five posts are for a month, what the bottom ones are, the ones that didn’t get any engagement. You want to know, what was it about those two things that made it great, that made it bad, and then you want to do less of this and more of this on a monthly basis.

The key thing here is to engage back.

If people are “liking” your post and they’re commenting, then respond. Hit reply. Say thank you. Look at something that they’re doing on their page and comment on their posts. You want it to be a conversation, you want it to be a relationship, and you want it to go back and forth. Using Facebook Insights as one tool to see how your content is working can help increase your engagement.

If you want any more tips for social media or content marketing, go to, and you can check out my services there on how we can help you grow your business, and of course, you can see more blogs, videos, my podcast show, Sailing to Success Podcast Show for more great tips on how you can attract and acquire more customers faster using powerful content marketing. That is it for this week, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Analyzing Your Facebook Engagement

Analyzing Your Facebook Engagement

Have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.