Facebook Targeting Demystified with Traci Reuter

Nov 12, 2019


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Facebook Targeting

We KNOW that Facebook Advertising is key in building a business, to extend our reach, grow our audience and our e-list but so many business owners get frustrated with the amount of money spent, the potential reach, and attracting their IDEAL client (which is key). This is why I had to have Social Advertising Expert and CEO of Divine Social, Traci Reuter on my show. We are going to chat about how to get in front of the right people at the right time with Facebook Targeting.

Key Questions Asked

  • Facebook Targeting can feel very elusive and a crapshoot when it comes to social advertising – what are we missing and why do we struggle with this?
  • What are the options when it comes to Facebook Targeting to get in front of the right people? Traci shares 3 big buckets.
  • Can you share how to best warm up a cold audience?
  • Why are lukewarm leads the key to success?

Traci Reuter is the founder/CEO of Divine Social. She’s passionate about supporting businesses in growing their brands through authentic, meaningful social advertising. Traci has an uncanny gift for looking at any business’s mission, vision, and message, and mapping out the right strategy to get their brand in front of the right people at the right time. With 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, Traci knows her stuff when it comes to high-level marketing strategy. Combined with her tactical knowledge of social advertising, Traci can write the recipe for any brand’s success, and she would love to share some of her greatest secrets behind mapping out your own powerful social advertising strategy.


Website: divinesocial.com

LinkedIn: in/tracireuter

Facebook: /TraciReuterSocial

Instagram: @tracireuter

Mini Class – https://divinesocial.com/sbg/