Introducing The First Real Estate Marketing Show

Feb 3, 2020


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Introducing The First Real Estate Marketing Show

Aaron and Lyndsay introduce themselves and the start of the Real Estate Investor’s Marketing Show. They share how they met, how they got into the Real Estate Investing Industry, how they help Real Estate Investor’s and what’s to come.

The First Real Estate Marketing Episode

  • It’s a fun show dedicated to helping all kinds of Real Estate Investors attract more leads, network, build stronger relationships and convert using powerful content marketing.
  • How Aaron and Lyndsay met
  • How Aaron got Lyndsay into the investing ‘world’
  • What we are doing now to help investors
  • What I’m doing now to help REI’s
  • The program we built – Real Estate Investor’s Marketing
  • What we have coming up – topics include… Launching Podcast, Guest Podcasting, Social Media, Email Marketing, Funnels, Call To Actions, Building Stronger Relationships, Analytics