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In case you missed all of last week’s Flash Briefings for Smooth Business Growth Flash Update, you are in luck. Here are last week’s episodes!

Build A Relationship Before You Conduct Your Podcast Interview

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One of the goals for podcasting is networking and creating stronger relationships with others, but don’t wait until the actual interview. There are steps you can take before the interview even happens!

I’m your host Lyndsay Phillips and this is your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

Here are 3 quick things you can do to connect to your guest BEFORE the show.

1 – Connect with the guest on Social Media well before the show. Follow them. *They, of course, should return the favor.

2 – Don’t stop there – comment on their posts, share a post or two. Engage in their content.

3 – Post on Social Media before the interview, sharing that you are looking forward to having them on your show to chat about xyz. Be sure to tag them! This also ensures their followers are exposed to you and your business.

3 Quick Podcasting Tips For Hosts

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Podcasting takes more work than simply the interview. There are steps you need to take to make it a great experience for the guest and foster that relationship.

I’m your host Lyndsay Phillips and this is your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

Here are your 3 quick steps You need to take as a podcast host.

1 – Ensure you communicate with them via email. Make sure you have their bio/headshot in good time and that they have all the material they need to be a great guest on your show. Don’t make them ask for material, dial in details. You want to make a good impression and ensure it’s a smooth process!

2 – Do your due diligence – be sure to research them and see what kind of guest they were on another show, check out their website, learn about what they do. It shows you care about them and their business.

3 – During the interview take advantage of the time you have. Don’t just dive into the questions and recording. Be conversational, get to know them, ask questions. You want to make that personal connection.

3 Steps To Take AFTER Your Podcast Interview To Build A Stronger Relationship With Your Guest

You’ve had a great podcast interview with a fabulous guest, but it doesn’t mean that you are done and move on.

I’m your host Lyndsay Phillips and this is your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

Here are 3 quick steps you can take to build stronger relationships with your guest.

1 – After the interview see if they would like to be connected with other podcasters you know – guests love that! It shows you care and want to help. You can also ask if there is a blog that you can share on your site or social that would pair well with your podc

ast. It shows you enjoy their content and are willing to go the extra mile.

2– Say thanks! Be sure to send them an email or thank you card to show your appreciation for being on your show. A small handwritten card makes a lasting impression.

3 – Stay in touch. Boy is this step often missed. Keep checking out their social posts and engage. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask how things are, what’s new. Congratulate them on new products or milestones. Send direct messages to make it more personal.

Creating Your Customer Avatar To Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

So you know you need to do content marketing to attract more clients. You need to show people that you are an authority and expert in your field. You need exposure on Social Media. Now, this is where most of the entrepreneurs get stuck. They freeze. They have no idea where to start, what content to share, where to post it, what kind. Knowing your Customer Avatar is key to knowing how to create your Content Marketing Strategy.

I’m your host Lyndsay Phillips and this is your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

And I’m going to share ONE step you need to take before creating content, and that is to analyse your perfect client.

Think about your ideal client or top 5 clients. Write down what they struggle with, what type of business they are in, where they live, their age, their lifestyle, their career. Write down ALL their similar characteristics. Think about WHY they need you, how you benefit them, what are you solving for them. Really deep dive into everything you know about them. This will help you discover what pain points to write about and what topics to focus on.

How To Be More Strategic Before Creating Content

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There are so many ways to create content – videos, blogs, images, podcasts – but the thought of tackling ALL of them at once is overwhelming PLUS you don’t want to create content just for the sake of creating it – you want to be more strategic.

I’m your host Lyndsay Phillips and this is your Smooth Business Growth Flash Update.

I’m about to share some research you should do before diving into content creation.

LEARN HOW THEY ABSORB INFORMATION: How do they learn? Are they avid readers? Are they tech savvy? Do they watch videos on YouTube or Social Media? Do they listen to podcasts? Are they busy and on the go? Do they have time to read e-books or hefty chunks of text? Feel free to survey your clients or prospects to learn more! You want to know what medium they would prefer, so that you know whether it’s best to invest more effort and time and money in writing, in blogs and emails, or in videos or creating a podcast show or guesting on shows. You don’t want to throw spaghetti on the wall and hope it sticks. And when you DO start churning out content – check the statistics to see which truly is resonating more.

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