Get Booked On Podcasts With These Guest Booking Directories

Jul 27, 2021

Get booked on podcasts!

To stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal client FASTER, grow more leads, and convert you need to grow your authority platform.  What better way to do that and get booked on podcasts with the help of guest booking directories? 

What is an Authority Platform

So let’s backtrack a bit. What does growing your authority platform actually mean? It encompasses the strategies you use to stand out as THE authority in your space. It helps market you as the expert in your field and be the go-to person that everyone wants to hire. 

Besides becoming an author and publishing books, one of the key strategies to building your authority platform is guesting on a podcast show as a Guest Expert. 

But of course, the next question is, how do I get booked on shows? 

Checklist before you pitch to be booked

Before I share some amazing resources to help you get booked I want to make sure you are set up for success. So here is a quick and easy checklist before you reach out and pitch yourself to get booked on shows or sign up for guest directories.

get booked on podcasts

1 – Have a bio (long and short is best for different situations) that gives a concise description of who you are, your accomplishments, what your expertise is, and why you stand out.

2 – Have a great headshot. Don’t forget to have one without any background so that they are easier for the host to use when creating podcast graphics. 

3 – Have set topics and interview questions. Not only does it help inform the host what the interview may be about, but it makes it so much easier for them to picture how the conversation would go. Added bonus – it helps guide the host so that you are able to discuss elements that showcase your expertise. 

4 – Put all of these elements on a press page or one-sheet.  It’s a one stop page or document that showcases who you are, your accomplishments, your potential interview topics and allows the host to get what they need quickly. Plus it gives a great impression that you are professional and prepared.

“Set yourself up for success by having interview topics and questions prepared ahead of time for the podcast host.”

How to get booked on podcasts

There ARE a few ways you can get booked on podcasts.

get booked on podcasts

1 – Hire a Guest Booking company.  There are many companies out there that search for the best shows for you to be booked on. They make sure that the show has an audience that is YOUR target market. After all, you don’t want to be on a podcast just for the sake of being on a podcast – you want to attract your ideal client. A few great companies I know and have worked with (through clients) or being approached to be a guest are Interview Connections, Interview Valet, Podcast Bookers, and Expert Bookers. And if you are in the Real Estate industry, why not use a booking service that is for your niche with Podcasting You

2 – Reach out and pitch yourself. If you find a show that you know and love and want to be a guest, why not reach out and email direct. Be sure to be brief, show that you have listened to their show and why you’d be a great fit. Plus be sure to share your press page or one-sheet. 

3 – Utilize your connections for introductions. If you have a peer that has been on a show, why not ask for an introduction? Use your connections, networking skills and relationships to help connect you to the right people. 

And of course the reason for this article – using podcast booking directories to help match podcast hosts and guests to create amazing podcast episodes! 

Podcast Guest Directories

Not every guest booking directory is created equal but they all are a great resource to not only find shows that you want to pitch but to have a profile so that podcast hosts can find YOU. I’ll share some below with a summary of what they are about and their key features.


Free Lite Plan – Potentially have a higher-end plan available too

This site allows you to create a profile to showcase your expertise, plus introduce yourself to podcast hosts. You can search and find podcasts in specific niches (so you can target your key audience). It has a messaging feature to reach out to hosts, plus it allows you to do a video pitch too! It’ll even give you recommendations and connect you to others for collaborating.


Free Plan with Pro Plan at $49/mo

Guestio has a catalogue of potential guests that you can search by tags, categories, and topics. You can create a profile as a guest and at the Pro level, even have the ability to charge to be a guest on shows (if you are a high level, sought after speaker). My favorite feature is having access to coveted guests (from a host perspective) as you can actually pay to have a high-level entrepreneur on your show!). The messaging platform within it seems to have more features like scheduling so it’s all in one app. And I love that in your guest profile you can have your headshots, bio’s, and info right there so it’s super easy for you and the host.


Free Plan with Pro Plan at $39/mo

I like how Podmatch automatically has options to dive into the app as a guest or a host, so there are 2 clearly defined areas depending on what you need. You can create a host or guest profile, which is laid out really nicely. The fact that this app gives you real-time recommendations really makes it easy as searching can be time-consuming, although it does have advanced search capabilities so you aren’t finding a needle in a haystack. A couple of other key features are built-in calendar integrations, internal reviews (and Apple reviews). Like most, it’s FREE but does have an upgraded Pro plan for a fee.


Free Searching with Plans at $10 or $29/mo

Podcast Guests actually emails you regularly with recommendations (how handy is that). Plus you can easily apply to be on podcasts right from the app. This one does appear to be a paid service but they do have a free search function that allows you to search for shows and even fill out a form to apply to be on their show. Looks to be no-frills but gets the job done!


Plan $10/mo

For hosts, it does have a free directory to search for potential guests. Now as a guest looking to be booked, it has a robust site and profile that you can set up, so that podcast hosts come looking for you! Super easy! 

So now you have tips on getting ‘booking ready’ and options to getting booked and found by hosts all around the globe. 

Once you are booked and the interviews go live, make sure you leverage the heck out of that content to boost your authority and visibility even more!

get booked on podcasts