Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing, Online Support TV. I’m your host and Captain, Lyndsay Phillips, steering your through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth.

Today I want to talk to you about contracts, and getting them signed online. It still always amazes me when someone emails me, wants me to print out a document, sign my name on it, and either scan it (does anyone have scanners anymore? I don’t), or take a picture of it and email it back. Especially nowadays where there are systems online like EchoSign, HelloSign, I mean there’s tons of different options. I use HelloSign, it’s free, and it allows five signatures per month. I do have a lot of clients that use EchoSign for their contracts, especially their coaching clients. Their contracts they have for recurring fees, what their benefits are, and what have you, so there’s lots of different reasons why you would use one.

I’m going to show you HelloSign and how I use and how easy it is to use to get important legal documents signed online. I’m going to share my screen here. First I’m going to show you the word document. Basically one of the things that I do is use a confidentiality agreement between myself and any new clients. I’ll obviously change the date, who the person is, their business, any particulars and the date and so forth.

Once I’ve edited it to how I like it, I then create a PDF. It’s PDF’s that get loaded into the systems like EchoSign or HelloSign. I’m going to go straight to HelloSign here and the options that I have within HelloSign are, let’s say there’s something that I only need to sign it, or we both need to sign it, or you strictly need someone else to sign it. The first thing you’re going to do is upload your file, so I’ll quickly find that here. There it is. Loading that up.

Now who needs to sign it? I need to sign this one and whatever email. You always have to put it another person, so I’m just going to use an example here. You can add more, you can assign a certain order. The next thing you need to do is prepare the windows for the document that we’re signing.

If you need to add any text you can. You can simply pull down a text box. You can add check boxes so people can actually check it, for different options that they want, which is really cool. Here is the sign date, so I can sign that now. Then I can put text box here so I can put in my name, who I am, and my rule. Then I’m going to put my signature in there. You can actually draw it in, type it in, upload an image, you can do all sorts of different things there. I’m going to have … Just sign that now so to speak.

Now the other person that I want to sign it, I do not want me to sign it, I want Mark to sign it. He has a spot there where it’s in pink or whatever color for him to sign. Then I can easily put in his name. I can fill that out if I want and whatever else I want and then the sign date. I would want him to put the date that he has signed it. Then you can add anything else.

Once you’ve done that, you just simply hit continue. It does it’s thing. You can put a title and a little message and then you request a signature and that’s it. Super easy right? You do get a notification when they see it, when they open it, and when they sign it and you get it back, and you can keep a signed copy on file. It’s all completely legal, completely legit, they have officially signed that document.

HelloSign is the one that I use. There’s EchoSign, there’s tons more. If you have anything that you need signed in your business, you can use those.

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Until next week, have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.