Awesome Google Apps That Really Make Life Easier

SSOL_Dec09There are a crazy amount of productivity, efficiency, techy, helpful and fun apps out there – enough to make your head spin sometimes! But why not look to your own familiar backyard (that is Google) for some amazing options to really streamline your business, get you organized, make communication that much easier with a simple CLICK.Tweet: Google has some amazing business options 2 get U organized & make communication easier:

Some of the best and most helpful business Google Apps anyone should consider include:Tweet: Some of the best and most helpful business Google Apps anyone should consider include these:

  • Gmail – while Gmail is certainly not new, this is one of the standard Google Apps that really does make it easy to receive and send email from any device. If you don’t like the idea of a Gmail address, you can still use Gmail and just set up Google Apps for business Gmail using your current domain. This will allow you to have the domain name of your business on your emails but also have all the features, functions, and options in the Gmail system offers. Plus you can filter ALL your emails into one central location and send/receive emails from any company or varying email address.
  • AdWords Express – when you are trying to manage an online ad campaign, doing all the research and determining where and when to use keywords in all your online marketing efforts. In addition, AdWords Express now works with Google Places, ensuring that your business is marked and highlighted on searches and that geographically relevant listings will display your website.
  • Google Forms – having the ability to quickly and easily develop a form, survey, or questionnaire can allow your business to immediately get feedback and make changes. With Google Forms, the forms developed can be emailed, shared on the website, or sent to a specific link. Then, as the forms are returned, the system will compile and update data in real time, available for a very easy review process.
  • Calendar – allows multiple users to enter data into a specific calendar and to view that information. It is also possible to set calendars so everyone knows when you, or others in the group, are not booked, making scheduling much easier. People can post availability and times, and this can sync with other apps, such as Gmail, to automatically set schedules.
  • Boomerang – this is a new favorite. If you are working offline or non business hours – you can schedule the email to send at another time. You can even boomerang an email that you received to come back into your inbox at another day or time when you want to address it.  It allows you to take control of when you receive and end emails.

The full administrative control over Google Apps offers a quick and easy way to add, delete, and change groups, change administrative privileges and to add or store information. All this functionality on easy to use systems makes this a time-saving option for any business. In fact – head to the Google App Marketplace and peruse their options!

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