Google Calendar Features That Will Keep You Organized

Oct 19, 2016

Google calendar features with tips to keep you productive too!

google calendar featuresI use Google Calendar in my business every day. I’d be lost with out it! It truly helps keep me organized and focused. Let me share some of their best features to help keep you organized as a busy entrepreneur!

1 – Setting appointments/meetings in the calendar.

Did you know you can invite guests to the meeting and send out the invite for them to confirm and ensure it goes on their calendar? Simply add the email of the guest and click Add. It’ll prompt you and ask if you wish to send an invite when you save the event.

You can also include NOTES in the description area. I use this to map out the Agenda for meetings – whenever I have something to add to it – in the calendar event it goes.

You can even attach files that are important to the meeting – especially if you are going to be reviewing the documents during a meeting.

google calendar features


2 – Create different calendars.

You can have more than one ‘calendar’ in one account.Tweet: #GoogleCalendar allows for more than one ‘calendar’ in one account; read more: Perhaps you share appointments with various team members. That calendar can be shared with others. Keep one for personal and one for business. You can then assign colors to the different calendar ‘types’. For me I have a couple of client’s calendar’s showing up on mine. I can hide or show them when needed. This is so I can see their availability and helps me connect with them or book other appointments for them. Go to my calendars on the left – and there is a drop down menu item to create a new calendar.



3 – Event or task notifications.

You can have intrusive notifications – ie – you get a pop up that actually interrupts everything you are doing. It stops you mid typing and goes to that screen. You have to hit ok to stop it. I do hate this sometimes BUT it’s saved my bacon many times too!

On the event – you can edit the notifications.

google calendar features

Or even delete the type of notifications, depending on what works for you.

4 – Lab features.

Check out all the other features that are available. This section often changes. You can enable the one’s you think may be useful.Tweet: Check out all the features available w/ #googlecalendar; #entrepreneurs

google calendar features
5 – Change the views.

You can change how you see the calendar – either just looking at the day, look at the week or month. I prefer the week as if I DO need to see the month I just look to the left.

google calendar features
6 – Syncing with other applications

Google Calendar syncs with so many applications like Schedule Once, Time Trade, GQueues, Evernote and more.Tweet: #GoogleCalendar syncs with so many applications - check it out - You can even sync it with your iphone, or other online devices or turn your calendar into a Gantt chart!

7 – Color coding various events.

Don’t forget – the calendar isn’t JUST for calls, meetings or appointments. They can also be used to remind you to do something specific. I use the color coding on my calendar to let me know what the event is for. For instance – if it’s RED it means I have an actual meeting or podcast interview. It stands out more to me so when I look at the week in advance I can see what my available time is around that appointment. I also use green for tasks that are super important. My client’s calendar that I can view if I need is all in light green – so I know those appointments are NOT mine. Make the colors work for you!

The key is using Google Calendar features to enable you to be more organized, on the ball, focused and productive. Every tip helps!