How and Why To Use Google Forms

Mar 19, 2017

Google Forms

Hey, everyone, it’s Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Business Growth. I want to share with you an amazing feature that Google has and that is the Google forms. I know a lot of people use SurveyMonkey. Some people use Wufoo. They are great options as well, and lately, I’ve been using Google forms for my client intake, my team intake. I’ve done surveys for clients. You can do quizzes. So, I’m going to share my screen and show you how easy it is to use.

All you have to do is search “Google forms” and it’ll take you to that site. I’ve basically hit “start a form” and then this will come up. You can change the color in this banner up here to suit your branding needs.  You can even add a banner. You see how there’s like an image file there. You would give it a title and a description. Then I made a block. You can insert a whole image. I put my logo in there and you can put the name of the form or whatever you want up there.   Just another option.

You just hit the little plus button and that will create another question. Obviously, you’re going to give it a title. You can even add a picture. This is a dropdown question.

There are other options. You can either have it as a

  • short answer
  • a paragraph
  • multiple choice
  • checkboxes (if you want to use “check all that apply”)
  • drop-down menu
  • linear scale
  • multiple choice grid

Then you can have the date and the time. If you make a mistake, you can delete or edit the changes. You would state whether it’s required field or not (typically the name and the email would be required fields). Then you can

  • show the description
  • shuffle the option order
  • drag questions up and down to rearrange them

If you have a question that’s a similar format but just a slightly different question, you can easily duplicate it and edit the words.

This one here is the dropdown. This one up here I used a multiple choice. Again, you can add graphics to make it really interesting and really visual.

Over here, you can add a title and description to each question. That way you can break things up too.

If you have different sections, or different categories you can create a whole new section. You can even add videos. Again, I’ve already shown you how to add other images. There’s tons of different options.

When it saves the form and you want to know what your responses are, you can request it to give you notifications. But then it would just go into your Google drive and it’ll show, right in the Google drive section, your forms. Then, you just go here. There’s your responses. Maybe you don’t want the form to be active anymore so you would change that. Then, of course, you can export all the responses. Make sure that you get email notifications for the responses and so forth.

Now, a big question I get is: How do you share it? Before I show you that there, of course, is the preview button right there. So, you just hit “send”. There we go. Then you can either shoot an email, put someone’s email address in there. I typically would get that link and then maybe that link you would put in an email to someone. Or maybe you want to put that link in a broadcast that you’re sending out to your list. Or even social media. It kind of depends. There are also embed codes. If you want to embed that quiz or that form on a web page and make it look super slick, that is available to you as well.

So, again, that is super easy to setup a quiz, setup a survey, or  for me, I use it to get all the information that I need when I bring a new client onboard. Obviously, they’re giving you their passwords, their websites, their contact information, their billing information, all that good stuff. It just makes everything so streamline. So, I hope you use that tool. By all means, reach out to me if you have any questions.

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So, until next week, have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.

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