Groundhog Day Is Not A Business Strategy with Adam Hommey

Oct 9, 2018

I am super pumped about chatting today with good friend, best selling author, speaker, web wizard and secret weapon to many, Adam Hommey. He’ll be sharing why Groundhog day is an event NOT a business strategy. Peaked your interest? Then let’s set sail!

Business Strategy Quick Hits

  • I love how the book is about The Secret to Finally Solving Those Pesky Issues, Burrowed Deep, and Unleashing Your Ultimate Business Success! Why groundhogs?
  • Now I know the book unearths 6 areas. Can you share the power of the S.P.R.I.N.G. Formula, which as you say – gets you out of the winter cold and brings warmth and sunshine into your business!
  • Science of the Mindset – Are you afraid to move forward? How does this hold you back?
  • Prospect Attraction –Are you repelling customers away and not even know it?
  • Ripple effects from team members -Plus Adam shares killer tips on having effective meetings.
  • Identify and intake new customers – Adam shares the difference between a sale and a customer ( and get them to attract your next customer!)
  • Name your terms with powerful language – The language you use in your marketing and sales can affect….how you can shift your language, to make more sales and connections.
  • Greater efficiency & service through minimalism – Ask yourself do we ‘have’ to do it?