Leverage Your Content & Network To Grow & Scale With Patty Farmer

Mar 27, 2024

Grow & Scale With Patty Farmer

You know I’m all about leverage – well what about leveraging your network, time and content to get massive results? Patty Farmer gives the lowdown on how to zero in on actual buyers, not just a broad market, and the importance of knowing where these buyers hang out. She talks about the power of partnerships and how to collaborate with those who share your target audience. 

Patty’s big on giving first—she shares her “podcast sandwich method” for promoting content and the value of authentic connections. She also suggests asking “who do you serve?” to uncover potential collaborations and the benefits of making strategic introductions.

A Taste Of What Is Covered: 

  • How to create a personal distribution channel and expand reach using assets, and relationships 
  • How to differentiate your target market and target buyers and how it affects marketing strategies.
  • How to identify and target ideal clients and partners to leverage monetization opportunities.
  • Patty’s unique “podcast sandwich method” for promoting episodes and engaging with other podcast hosts.
  • Patty’s system for creating introductions (MIND BLOWING) to build valuable connections (and make it easier!)


Key Moments:

[00:00:31] Using assets to grow your business

[00:01:23] Target market vs. target buyers

[00:02:18] Engaging with target buyers

[00:03:46] Tapping into other people’s audiences

[00:04:04] Building relationships with partners

[00:07:17] Leveraging partnerships for growth

[00:10:00] Strategic promotion and relationship building

[00:16:35] Creating a distribution channel

[00:17:12] Authentic relationship building

[00:19:27] Shining the Light on Others

[00:20:01] Identifying Ideal Clients and Partners

[00:21:21] Strategic Networking and Collaboration

[00:25:02] Relationship Currency and ATM Strategy



Understanding Target Market VS Target Buyers

Patty kicked off our conversation by diving into the concept of leverage and how it can significantly influence buying decisions. She pointed out a common mistake many businesses make: targeting a market instead of targeting buyers. The key, according to Patty, is to focus on those who are actively seeking a solution—your buyers. It’s crucial to understand where these target buyers consume information and to ensure your content reaches them across various platforms.


How To Create Strategic Partnerships

One of the most enlightening parts of our talk was when Patty explained the importance of partners in expanding your business reach. She introduced the idea of visualizing partners in concentric circles, where each circle represents individuals or entities serving the same target buyers or those with overlapping niches. This visual helps in identifying and collaborating with the right partners, which is essential for growth.

Building relationships with partners is not about outdoing each other but about creating mutual value.




The Podcast Sandwich Method and Authentic Engagement

Patty shared her unique “podcast sandwich method” for promoting episodes and engaging with other podcast hosts. This method is all about giving before asking, a powerful approach in the podcast and speaker community. She stressed the impact of genuine and authentic engagement in getting noticed and building lasting relationships within the industry.


Introduction System To Building Valuable Connections 

A recurring theme in our discussion was the idea of shining the light on others to create reciprocal benefits. Patty highlighted the significance of connecting with people who serve your ideal clients and partners. She suggested asking, “Who do you serve?” instead of “What do you do?” to uncover potential collaborations.

Making introductions is another powerful tool, and Patty shared her approach to creating introduction blurbs. Having a system for making introductions can streamline the process and ensure that you’re consistently building valuable connections.


Leveraging Relationships and Monetization Strategies

Patty discussed the direct monetization aspect of business, sharing a strategy where she offers complimentary consultations with other professionals. This leverages her network to provide added value to potential clients and addresses objections upfront.

She also talked about her unique approach to consultations, where she pays her partners to serve potential clients rather than sell to them. This service-first mindset has helped her and her partners close deals and build strong relationships.


Building Relationships with Distribution Channels

A key strategy Patty shared was building relationships with people who have distribution channels. This allows you to leverage existing networks instead of constantly seeking new connections, saving time and resources.


About Patty

Patty Farmer is an award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, and 7 Figure Event Producer. As a global influencer and thought leader, she works with CEO’s, service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers who are experts in their field to help them fully identify their expertise, attract (and convert) their ideal buyers, gain massive visibility, package their knowledge, and position them in the marketplace to leverage their platforms and create marketing strategies that are profitable…not painful. Her mission is to help her clients make a big impact in the world, and bigger deposits in their bank account and to create transformation for both them AND their clients while designing a lifestyle they want to live.






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