How To Master Podswaps To Grow Your Podcast & Gain More Collaborations

Sep 26, 2023

Grow Your Podcast

What is a great way to get in front of your target market, your ideal client in a strategic and highly visible way? Do a podswap with a podcast that serves the SAME audience as you. Plus it’s a way to create lasting relationships and collaboration and partnership opportunities that will grow your podcast AND your business.

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Today I’m going to share what makes a good swap, how to pitch, and how to create collaborations in the process.  But before I do I want to share a podcast I love called Beyond The Microphone a podcast about podcasters – here’s the trailer. 

🤝 Learn how podswaps can benefit your podcast and business

🤝 My podcast swap checklist (so you are strategic with your swaps)

🤝 My 4 step Podswap Pitch Process

🤝 Mistakes to avoid when pitching

🤝 What to ask during your collaboration calls and interviews

🤝 What you MUST do after the interviews to tap into each others audiences

🤝 How to further the collaboration for more opportunities and business growth 


Why Podswapping? 

  • It creates a win win to cross promote each other
  • It gives you more of an opportunity to build the relationship (get to know each other and potentially collaborate in other ways) 
  • It brings awareness to your own podcast
  • Puts you in front of your ideal client by being on their show
  • It can give you other connections in that similar niche (more podcast interviews etc)


Ways To Podswap

  • Can air ONE episode and both publish it on your podcasts.
  • You can go on their show and they go on your show
  • Can even do a two partner – part 1 on their show, part 2 on yours – it migrates audience over to each other shows. TV shows do this all the time! 


What makes a good swap?

1 – Their podcast audience is similar to yours  

2 – They are a competitor but have a slightly different audience

3 – They serve the same clients that you do but with a different product 

4 – Both of your podcasts are similar size. You want to both win at gaining listeners

5 – You can see an opportunity to collaborate, refer each other beyond the podcast interviews (the Podswap is a way for an ‘in’ and establish that relationship)

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How To Pitch

Step 1 – Follow them on SM

Step 2 – Engage in their posts

Step 3 – DM in platform they are active in

Hey there name

[I love that you are doing xyz – or message about that particular topic that intrigued you.] 

[I saw you on this show and loved that you chatted about xyz.]

[I read an article you shared the other day and that would be super helpful information for my audience on my podcast]

Would you be open to being a guest on my show and potentially do a pod swap? Here is the info about me and my show.  *share 2 simple links – one about your show and one about you (press page or about) 

Step 4 – They say yes or no – great lets hop on a quick collab call to see what topics work etc. 


  • Create a collab chat calendar link for a 20 min period of time (so they don’t think it’s half an hour or longer) 
  • Do not give ALL info up front.  
  • Do not provide any booking links for the podcast or a meeting right out of the gate
  • See if there is interest, do some back and forth first
  • Have the collab chat first to get to know each other and narrow down topics and see if you both ‘gel’ 


Your Collaboration Call

Start the conversation by sharing what you were picturing (and why you reached out in the first place) 

  • Share info about your podcast, who your audience is
  • Share what topic you were interested in and ask their thoughts (ie they may expand, share a different point of view) or they may talk about a topic that is different. 
  • Ask question about what clients they serve and what they do to serve their clients

Ask if they’d consider a swap

I’d love to be on your podcast if you think it’s a fit… I don’t want to put you on the spot – what kinds of guests and what topics are you looking for right now?  

[Do not talk about collaborating in any partnerships right now – that can come later during the podcast interviews] 

You can tease – and say – it sounds like our services complement each other maybe we can chat about that further when we interview. 


The Interviews: 

Before you record though, it’s a good idea to engage in their content, comment on posts. You could event post sharing you just recorded THIS episode today with xyz – to seed the episode and get in front of that persons audience.

During the first recording – a chance to ask more questions about what they do to serve their audience – what is their ‘key’ offer.  If it sounds good – you can ask if they have affiliate links or give referrals. Ask if there are other shows that they’d like to guest on (maybe you can introduce them to others) – that goes a long way!) 

During the second recording – another chance to solidify ways to work together. Ask what kind of collaborations are you looking for? When in doubt – ask questions and get them to talk. 


Have a Collaboration Plan or Ideas Ready 

Here’s what I’ve done with other referral partners, or here’s what I’ve done with other collaboration partners.  

  • Do you have a package and affiliate links or referral fees already set up. You can give them a PDF or webpage they can use so they are prepared.
  • Lead Magnet swap – share on social or email
  • Do a joint webinar to serve a similar audience
  • They may even invite you to speak to their membership base (but I wouldn’t ask – wait to see if they offer – clients are sacred!) 
  • You can do a podcast trailer swap in each other’s shows.  Ie cross promote (audio) / show notes mention… 



WOW them as a guest! 

You have to promote the Podcast Episode you were on and tag them.  If you don’t – you can jeopardize the relationship. 

  • Email your list
    Publish it on your site (as a blog post with show notes)
    Share on social media
    Can even ask for video to do video grams or add to your YouTube

WOW them as a host!

Ensure you give assets to the guest that was on YOUR show. It shows extra level of professionalism and showcases the expert in the right light.  

    • Images
    • Links
    • Videos and reels
    • Quote graphics
    • Social media copy 


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