Growing A Team With Jacob Baadsgaard

May 14, 2019


Growing A Team

Now we’ve spoken to some other business owners in the PPC and Facebook Ad space, but what caught my attention on today’s guest Jacob Baadsgaard is that he grew his company, Disruptive Advertising, to over 120 employees and 18M in revenue since 2012. And if that wasn’t impressive enough Jacob is a regular contributor on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Unbounce and KissMetrics. I’m excited to tap into his experience on growing a team to spur business growth and make more of an impact.

  • I love your story of starting your business in a basement to an Inc 500 company. There are many hurdles and plateaus in business -what was the biggest one for you?
  • There are different ways to view contractors and employees when growing a team– what has your mindset been on employees to grow your business and how has it shifted along the way?
  • I like your approach to turning employees into leaders that have an earning potential of 6 figures. Can you speak to that?
  • As an entrepreneur we wear so many hats, especially when it comes to sales – how do we go from founder based selling to having a sales team. What are the first steps?
  • With social media in the selling mix– does that make it more challenging or easier?

Jacob Baadsgaard founded Disruptive Advertising in 2012 and has grown the company to over 120 employees and 18 million dollars in annual revenue with ZERO debt of outside funding. Disruptive Advertising helps businesses advertise profitably on Google and Facebook by leveraging their software and team of marketers.

They have worked with over 1,000 businesses to date and have found that on average 76% of AdWords and Facebook Ad budgets are wasted. While most business leaders focus on personal financial gain, Jacob reinvests a fair amount of his profits back into his employees and the community; donating 10% of his salary to his church every month, spending upwards of $1k a week on snacks for the office, donating monthly to a charity cause his employees choose, and developing employees and growing a team with no experience into leadership roles within his company that earn six-figure salaries.

Jacob is a regular contributor on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, SearchEngineLand, MarketingLand, SearchEngineJournal, Unbounce and KissMetrics.