5 Ways To Leverage Your Podcast Interviews & Get More Leads (As a Guest Expert)

Aug 10, 2023

Be A Better Guest Expert


Check out my recent interview on The Lead machine Growth Show with Paul Guyon!

I’d love to show you how to master your message and design your dream) by showing you 5 Ways To Leverage Your Podcast Guest Interviews & Get More Leads, improve your credibility and open up new possibilities by updating your social media profiles and website. Discover successful methods to enhance visibility and generate leads by sharing and distributing podcast guest interviews. Learn how to create engaging content from podcast episodes to increase your authority without feeling overwhelmed.


Tune in now and get my thoughts on:

  • How can we showcase ourselves better as a Guest Expert and be seen as the go-to authority?
  • What is the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make when guesting on a podcast?
  • How can we get more leads from the guest interviews?
  • How can I effectively promote my episode as a podcast guest?
  • How do I find shows to get on as a podcast guest?
  • And much, much more!


“When I am on a podcast, I publish the episode on my own website, with show notes, links to the host’s site, and sometimes a YouTube video if it’s there. This helps me promote my own content and expertise.”
~ Lyndsay Phillips

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  • Access the training that steps you through the whole system.
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… and the Podcast Guest Audit

  • Discover what you are doing right – so that you can stay on track with what will bring you results.
  • Get suggestions on ways to tweak what you are doing – to optimize your opportunities.
  • Find other ways to use the content – You can create authority-boosting content easily with less stress.
  • See what opportunities you can take advantage of – we’ll share the missing opportunities and ways to leverage your podcast guesting.


You can check out the interview HERE!


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