picI’m Lyndsay Phillips, Founder and CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth – content marketing experts for life & business coaches, accountants, authors and other entrepreneurs across the globe looking to attract and acquire more customers faster through powerful content marketing.


A – They are experiencing slow to no growth. They feel they are not reaching their goals fast enough. (Often marketing is inconsistent or not occurring at all.)

B – They are stuck. They know they want to get from A to B, (have more income, grow the business and have more free time) but don’t know what strategies to say yes to or how to implement.

C – They are growing and things are going well but they want to accelerate their growth. They want to ensure their marketing efforts are strategic and effective and do more of it!

Through my team of content marketing experts, we strategize, create and implement all elements of content marketing – from blogs, podcasting, video marketing, social media, emails, sales funnels, lead magnets, online events and more. Bottom line – WE GET IT DONE!