Beyond Podcasting – How To Host Your Own Virtual Summit

Dec 20, 2023

Host Your Own Virtual Summit

You are hosting a podcast to build your authority platform and want to put a bigger flag in the ground as an industry leader (and get more leads!) so maybe it’s time to host your own virtual summit. If it’s been on your mind (I know it has for me), then you’ll want to listen to Marketing Coach Jay Williams who has nailed summits. 

Virtual summits have become a powerful tool for building authority, expanding your network, and generating leads. Jay shares key steps to creating a well-structured and engaging virtual summit that will help you achieve your goals. 

We will also discuss the importance of strategy, speaker selection, and creating an exceptional attendee experience. By following these guidelines, you will be on your way to hosting a successful virtual summit that boosts your authority and generates high-quality leads.

Jay shares his journey of starting virtual summits to grow his audience and business. He discusses the importance of having a strategy and a target market when creating a summit, as well as the key criteria for selecting speakers. 

  • How hosting virtual summits helped multiply Jay’s e-list and business
  • The strategies he used to host summits that generated thousands of leads and profits
  • The SPEAR Method to start your own summit (and how to decide if you are ready)
  • Lessons that Jay learned (that you’ll want to avoid) so it’s not a flop 
  • How to find speakers for your summit, align topics and create a stellar experience for the attendees

[00:03]  How virtual summits helped a marketing coach recover from a setback

[04:18]  Two C’s that lead to stellar results for your virtual summit 

[08:24]  How summits help build relationships for your business

[13:15]  How to leverage virtual summits to build your email list 

[27:00]  If you should have your summit free or paid, and if you should charge speakers

[33:08]  How to create an engaging and profitable event 


Strategy: Setting the Foundation for Success

Before diving into the details, it is crucial to establish a clear strategy for your virtual summit. Begin by identifying your target market and defining the theme of your summit. Your theme should align with your target market’s needs and desires. Craft a compelling title that speaks directly to your audience, highlighting the end result they desire. Remember to consider the overall promise of your summit, ensuring it resonates with your audience and encourages them to take action.

Speaker Selection: Building a High-Quality Lineup

Selecting the right speakers is critical to the success of your virtual summit. Consider four key criteria: competence, list size, values alignment, and integrity. Choose speakers who are experts in their field, preferably with a track record of success. Ensure they have a substantial email list to maximize your reach. It is also important to align with speakers who share your values and are committed to promoting the event. By carefully selecting your speakers, you can create a powerful lineup that resonates with your target market.

Attendee Experience: Creating Engagement and Value

Crafting an exceptional attendee experience is essential for the success of your virtual summit. Consider the journey you want to take your audience on, creating a balance between valuable content and breaks to avoid overwhelming them. Strategically plan the sequence of speakers to maintain engagement and excitement throughout the event. Incorporate interactive elements, such as exercises or Q&A sessions, to enhance the attendee experience. Additionally, consider offering a VIP option with exclusive benefits to increase engagement and generate additional revenue.

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Paid vs. Free: Evaluating Your Options

The decision to offer paid or free access to your virtual summit depends on your goals and resources. Offering a paid option can create a sense of commitment and accountability for both speakers and attendees. However, it may limit the number of participants. If you choose a paid option, consider offering a refundable amount based on specific criteria, such as the number of leads generated. Alternatively, a free summit can attract a larger audience, but may require additional monetization strategies, such as sponsorships or upsells. Carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each approach before making a decision.

Implementation and Support: Making Your Summit a Reality

Executing a virtual summit can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the process. Consider seeking support from experts who can guide you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls. Jay Williams, a renowned virtual summit expert, offers a master class that provides step-by-step guidance and templates to help you successfully create and execute your virtual summit. By leveraging his experience and expertise, you can save time, minimize mistakes, and maximize the results of your summit.

Virtual summits offer a powerful opportunity to establish your authority, expand your network, and generate high-quality leads. By following a strategic approach, selecting the right speakers, and prioritizing attendee experience, you can create a successful virtual summit that achieves your goals. Whether you are new to business or an established entrepreneur, virtual summits can be a valuable tool for growth and success. Take the first step towards hosting your own virtual summit and unleash the power of this transformative marketing strategy.


About Jay

Meet Jay Williams, A former Royal Air Force IT Geek and DJ, now a Award Winning Master Coach who, fuses NLP, hypnotherapy,and timeline therapy into a measurable, gamified method for creating a huge transformation change. His clients describe him as like medicine “He tastes terrible going down but he’s exactly what you need” This has allowed him to help over 1000 coaches, speakers and authors to become mentally and emotionally Unstoppable.  With a lively wit, boundless energy and infectious passion, Jay’s insights and stories make him the gift that keeps on giving.


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