Hosting a Podcast That Stands Out In A Saturated Market

Aug 16, 2023

Hosting a Podcast

You know the podcast industry is growing when you see very niched companies launching and producing podcasts for lawyers. Love it! I had such a great chat with Robert Ingalls of LawPods about the podcasting industry (and no it’s not saturated), how to make your podcast stand out, how to repurpose your content to attract leads and why lawyers are launching podcasts. 

The conversation centers around the advantages of carving out a niche within a specific industry, highlighting the reasons why lawyers should consider starting a podcast. From nurturing leads to educating prospects and establishing thought leadership, Robert shares valuable insights on how lawyers can leverage podcasts to their advantage.

But with a saturated podcast market, how can one stand out? 

Robert provides practical tips on differentiating oneself, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. By staying true to their unique voice and offering valuable content, podcasters can make a lasting impact in an increasingly competitive landscape.

So, whether you’re a lawyer looking to expand your reach or a content creator seeking to make waves in the podcast market, this episode offers valuable advice and inspiration to help you succeed.

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Here’s a taste of what we cover. 

  • Why focusing on a specific niche can help establish you as an expert and build a loyal following. 
  • How podcasts can help you nurture leads, educate prospects and referral sources,and ultimately attract more clients.
  • Roberts ‘cocktail party podcast’ strategy to bring authenticity to your show to be more relatable and engaging. 
  • How to stand out and attract the RIGHT listeners
  • How to use podcasting as your #1 content marketing strategy 


The journey to launching a podcast [00:00:32] Robert shares his decision to launch a podcast and the lessons he learned along the way.

Discovering the power of podcasts [00:02:12] Robert talks about how listening to a podcast inspired him and led him to start his own podcast.

The challenges and rewards of pursuing a podcasting career [00:03:49] Robert discusses the initial difficulties he faced and the determination required to succeed in the podcasting industry.

The benefits of niching [00:10:09] Discussing the advantages of niching in an industry and building a network based on expertise.

Reasons for having a podcast [00:11:25] Exploring the three main reasons why lawyers should have a podcast: nurturing leads, educating prospects and referral sources, and establishing thought leadership.

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The power of podcasting for networking [00:14:02] Highlighting how podcasts can be a valuable tool for making connections, building networks, and establishing authority in a specific field.

Getting Comfortable with Podcasting [00:21:05] Robert discusses the challenges of starting a podcast and advises on how to relax and have a natural conversation with guests.

Authenticity and Standing Out  [00:23:04] Robert encourages lawyers to be authentic and true to themselves in their podcasts, as it helps them stand out and attract the right audience.

Using Podcasting for Content Marketing [00:26:15] Robert explains how podcasting can be used as a content marketing strategy, including repurposing podcast episodes into various formats for different platforms.

The Journey in Podcasting [00:30:58] Robert discusses how podcasting has changed his life and his enthusiasm for talking about it.


About Robert

Robert Ingalls is a recovering attorney, professional speaker, and the founder of  LawPods, one of the first podcast production agencies for law firms. At LawPods, Robert and his team help some premier law firms in the world launch and grow branded podcasts that build relationships and drive revenue.

Robert’s path to Podcast Producer to the AM Law 100 was anything but direct. For years he battled anxiety from the pressure, long hours and constant conflict of the litigation career. When he was finally ready to throw in the towel, he had no idea what to do next. With no business/marketing background and a love for podcasts he discovered while creating a podcast for his law firm, Robert decided to see if lawyers would pay him to help launch podcasts. With very few takers in the early days, Robert spent two years in the corporate banking gig, grinding nights and weekends to finally bring LawPods to life.

As a speaker, Robert frequently speaks on topics including Positioning Your Firm Podcast For Success, Prioritizing Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Law Office Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys teaching podcasting at community events, spending time with his wife and daughters and skateboarding/ snowboarding.

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