How the C.L.I.C.K Technique helps you take control of your online marketing

Aug 21, 2018


Online marketing

Want to take control of your online marketing? Then join me as I chat Lindsey Anderson of trafficandleads – where your solution to slow growth is just one click away – plus she’s my co-host on Marketing and Merlot and friend and now Best Selling Author of The CLICK Technique – which we’ll be chatting about today.

  • So many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed with online marketing – how does the Click Technique help?
  • Tell us about the book and then step us through the Click Technique – what are all the steps?
  • How do you peak curiosity for new leads?
  • What happens after they land on your site – what are a few things you MUST do?
  • Talk about the Irresistible offer.
  • How does Facebook Advertising come into the equation?
  • Why is mindset important in this process?