How the C.L.I.C.K Technique helps you take control of your online marketing

Aug 21, 2018

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Online marketing

Want to take control of your online marketing? Then join me as I chat Lindsey Anderson of trafficandleads – where your solution to slow growth is just one click away – plus she’s my co-host on Marketing and Merlot and friend and now Best Selling Author of The CLICK Technique – which we’ll be chatting about today.

  • So many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed with online marketing – how does the Click Technique help?
  • Tell us about the book and then step us through the Click Technique – what are all the steps?
  • How do you peak curiosity for new leads?
  • What happens after they land on your site – what are a few things you MUST do?
  • Talk about the Irresistible offer.
  • How does Facebook Advertising come into the equation?
  • Why is mindset important in this process?

Marketing your business can be overwhelming and confusing, but no matter where you are in your business, you need to know where you are going next!