How To 10x Your Leads From Podcasting

Nov 17, 2020

Discover How To Get MORE Leads From Podcasting

I was recently honored to be a guest on The Money Friends Podcast with Brandon Duff, where we talked about how to get leads from podcasting, podcast hosting (go it alone or should you have guests?), and monetizing your podcast.  We also looked at how to find guests for your podcast, how to find podcasts to guest on, and which is more beneficial. 

If you want to 10x your leads from podcasting, please join us! There is a lot of GREAT information here! 


In this episode, we have invited Lyndsay Phillips, the CEO and Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth. Lyndsay is a content marketing strategic partner, an entrepreneur, podcast host of Smooth Business Podcasting & Real Estate Investors Marketing and We Talk About Getting Leads From Podcasting. 

Different Ways of Podcasting


Podcast Guesting And How To Get Leads From Podcasting. 

Podcasting guesting can be used to leverage more leads and conversions. You are building your authority because you are showing your credibility and expertise. You are also able to increase your leads From Pocasting, dramatically because you share a lead magnet, a webinar, or anything that can increase your visibility exponentially.


Podcast Hosting

Two areas of Podcast Hosting

  • Hosting your own show, and you’re talking about your expertise. And you’re giving people tips.
  • Hosting and have a guest, and you’re interviewing them.

If you want to build your expertise and your credibility and really look like a leader in your space, then it would be good to host a podcast. You can do it on your own or co-host with someone. This Is A Great Way To Get Leads From Podcasting. 

Monetizing Podcasting And Getting More Leads From Podcasting. 


You can tap into other people’s affiliate programs. If you have someone on the show, and they’re plugging a lead magnet and a product, you can then be an affiliate and you can push that out. It will give you opportunity to earn passive income through those affiliate relationships.


You can monetize your podcast by building those relationships and doing joint ventures with your guests


You can also monetize through sponsorship but is not really for everyone. You really need to be an influencer, or a leader in your industry and have a lot of downloads in order to capitalize on that.

Finding Guests or Podcast to Guest on


Don’t say yes to everything because sometimes it’s not a fit, There are times your topic won’t fit their audience. On other instances, hosts want you to talk about your business that really isn’t going to give you leads or push towards a certain service that you have. Don’t be afraid to be picky. Don’t be on show just for the sake of being on a show. If you don’t go on any shows how do you expect to get  Leads From Podcasting. 


Be persistent. And it’s all about connections. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions and send emails to hosts


It’s all about that networking and being a connector helping other people out that who are hosts, and vice versa. It comes back tenfold. 


Join Facebook Groups that are all about podcasting. A lot of people who have podcast go on these groups to look for a guest. Get involved in those Facebook groups because it is a great way of networking and exploring opportunities. This is a sure way to get  Leads From Podcasting. 

What is more beneficial? Hosting or Guesting?

Go back to what your goals are and what you need to do. If you really need to focus on your authority platform and up leveling your status and expertise so you can get high caliber clients, or you need to extend your reach? Or you do need leads and grow your email list, then podcast guesting is definitely for you. Either Way Will Get You  Leads From Podcasting. 

Ways to 10x your Leads From Podcasting. 


Make sure you email your list and share to them your podcast episodes.


Cover the whole blog post portion of your podcast. You definitely want to create like a blog post with an image and audio player. While at it, you can utilize lead capture and taking advantage of that audience to build your list.


With Google and SEO, you want to make sure that the transcripts are altered, so it would be more like a summary. It should be keyword rich, because if you just put the transcripts in the post as is it, it’s not going to rank as well. 


If you want to drive traffic to your posts, include a sidebar with your widgets so they could opt-in to join your Facebook group or buy a product for instance. This Is A Great Way To Get  Leads From Podcasting. 

On the blog post, include various images and break up the text

On the bottom portion of the post, have a specific call to action. You want to make sure that you are having calls to action on that page to convert. And that’s a big strategy where you’re driving traffic to your website.

Tidbit Information for Listeners


With SEO, it is definitely recommended to use a plugin like WordPress, SEO, Yoast really will help guide on how to SEO that page

Listen to the podcast and get tidbits out and make quote graphics for IG stories or Facebook stories

Key Quotes:


“You don’t have to like be a certain way and once you get that, It has to stay that way. You can change it up and do whatever you want, as long as you’re consistently putting out content”


“Don’t be afraid to be picky. Don’t be on a show just for the sake of being on a show”

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