How To Be Newsworthy with PR Expert Alistair Clay

Jul 17, 2018


How To Be Newsworthy

Today we are chatting about how to be newsworthy with PR expert Alistair Clay who is on a mission to democratize PR, to help them reach new audiences and achieve massive success by being in control of their market positioning & their reputation.

  • PR feels like a mystery zone, where you are typically at the mercy of an expensive PR firm and we as business owners have no idea how to handle it. Why is that?
  • Is there a myth that you need to be a huge company in order to benefit from PR?
  • You believe all businesses have newsworthy stories within them, you just need to know where to look and what to look for!
  • What 9 questions can we ask to find those stories in our business and to use them to get media coverage. How do we know if we are newsworthy?
  • Passion and newsworthiness are not the same thing. Alistair explains.
  • Now you have your own PR Agency but with you teach people to be their own PR and do it themselves – why?


Alistair is director of one the UK’s top 30 healthcare PR agencies Arc Seven Communications and founder of Class:PR – the #1 online PR training school for small businesses.

Alistair has worked in the media for 20 years and started his career a journalist on The Daily Mirror – one of the UK’s largest daily newspapers – where he covered business, politics and hard news.

As the founder of Class:PR he has helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to get massive media coverage themselves with his proven FAMOUS Formula.

His motto is: “Everyone has a story – you just need to know how to tell it”. For Your Free Press Release Template

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It has so much information, I can’t even describe how much value is here… Thanks Alistair!