How To Gain Leads & Engagement From Podcasting

Jun 5, 2024

How to Gain Leads

Just because you have a podcast doesn’t mean you will get leads or clients from it. You have to be strategic. Podcast producer and manager Alesia Galati is here today to share how to turn listeners into leads. From goals and content planning to producing and repurposing, she’ll share how to maximize your efforts from start to finish.

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • How to gain leads from podcasting (on both sides of the mic) 
  • Ways to optimize lead conversion so you turn listeners to clients 
  • Strategic placement of call-to-actions in podcast episodes
  • How to repurpose podcast content for increased engagement and lead generation
  • How to overcome the fear of hosting solo podcast to activate your authority and attract clients
  • Leveraging playlists to showcase expertise and pitch opportunities
  • What AI tools to use for maximizing podcast content and engagement


Key Moments: 

  • [00:07]  Turning Podcast Listeners into Leads
  • [04:08]  Podcast Growth Misconceptions and Strategies 
  • [08:58]  Strategic Content Planning 
  • [16:19]  Call-to-Actions, Content Placement, and Audience Engagement
  • [20:06]  Repurposing Strategies for Business Owners
  • [26:38]  Overcoming the Fear of Solo Podcast Episodes
  • [30:24]  Maximizing Solo Episodes and Leveraging Content


Understanding the “Listeners to Leads” Approach

Alesia defines the “listeners to leads” concept as the process of engaging your podcast audience in a way that allows them to envision themselves as potential clients. By showcasing the results and experiences of working with you, you can quickly build the crucial “know, like, and trust” factor that is essential for converting listeners into leads.


The Importance of Content Planning and Strategizing

Alesia emphasizes the significance of strategic content planning when it comes to converting listeners into leads. She suggests that your podcast episodes should be tailored to address the specific pain points and challenges faced by your target audience. By providing valuable solutions and actionable steps within your episodes, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and encourage listeners to take the next step in working with you.


Striking the Right Balance: Hosting vs. Guesting

Alesia  believes that a combination of hosting your own podcast and guest appearances on other shows can be a powerful strategy for growing your authority and reaching new audiences. While hosting a regular show may not be feasible for everyone, she suggests considering a limited series or “cornerstone” episodes that can be easily repurposed and shared with potential clients.


Overcoming Common Misconceptions in Podcasting

She dispels two common misconceptions in the podcasting world: the belief that a large audience is necessary to make money, and the notion that an interview-style podcast is the only way to achieve rapid growth. She shares examples of clients who have successfully converted listeners into leads with smaller, more targeted audiences and through the use of solo episodes.


Integrating Calls-to-Action Strategically

Weave call-to-action throughout your podcast episodes, rather than relegating them to the end. By seamlessly incorporating these invitations to engage with your services within the content, you can increase the likelihood of listeners taking action and becoming potential leads.


Repurposing and Leveraging Your Podcast Content

It’s important to repurpose your podcast content across multiple platforms. By transforming episodes into blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and social media content, you can extend the reach and impact of your expertise, ultimately driving more leads and client inquiries.


Overcoming the Fear of Solo Episodes

Alesia encourages podcasters, especially business owners, to embrace solo episodes as a powerful way to showcase their expertise and connect with their audience. She suggests using visual aids, such as a picture of a loved one, to create a more personable and engaging experience for listeners.

By implementing Alesia’s strategies and insights, you can unlock the true potential of your podcast and transform your listeners into a steady stream of valuable leads for your business. Remember, the key lies in strategic content planning, seamless calls-to-action, and a willingness to share your expertise authentically with your audience.


Resources for Maximizing Your Podcast’s Potential

Alesia has created a valuable resource to help podcasters leverage AI tools and maximize their content. 

Check out her “AI and Podcasting Mini-Course” at to learn more.


About Alesia

Alesia Galati has been listening to podcasts since 2015 and knows what goes into creating a standout podcast that captures your audience’s attention even before they press “play”. Alesia’s helped coaches and thought leaders launch and maintain over 50 podcasts and has developed a signature, thorough system to launching and managing podcasts so you don’t have to stress about anything falling through the cracks! 

Alesia lives in sunny North Carolina with her two kiddos and husband. When not helping her clients, Alesia can be found reading over 200 books a year, hiking, and exploring the zoo with her boys


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