How To Get More Clients Through Podcast Guesting

May 1, 2024

How To Get More Clients

Imagine attracting leads and clients without any sales pitch – well it’s doable when you are podcast guesting. I have Spencer Carpenter on the show who has booked over 150 entrepreneurs on over 1000 shows and helped them grow their business through guesting. He shares his no nonsense approach to getting on shows, why it’s all predicated on value, what surprising results you can get from guesting and how to use it as your number one marketing strategy.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • How to craft compelling podcast pitches to get booked on more shows
  • Why podcast guesting is the best ‘No Pitch’ sales approach
  • Why setting realistic goals will help you maximize your results from guesting
  • How to leverage your appearances for content creation, speaking opportunities and expand your reach. 
  • Common mistakes podcast guest make that lower their chances of getting booked on more shows
  • How to prepare for podcast guesting and identify suitable shows for guest appearances.
  • How to differentiate yourself, stand out and showcase your value to listeners


  • [00:11]  Unveiling the Art of Podcast Guesting for Entrepreneurs and Professionals
  • [03:35]  Building Relationships Through Conversations and Teaching
  • [07:10]  Crafting Compelling Pitches
  • [13:24]  Unexpected Benefits of Podcast Guesting
  • [16:39]  Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations
  • [21:19]  Maximizing Opportunities as a Podcast Guest
  • [27:18]  Tips and Insights from a Podcast Marketing Expert


From the Music Industry to the Podcasting Realm

Spencer’s background is quite unique – he spent 15 years in the music industry, booking concerts and managing music conferences and festivals. This experience in talent representation provided him with valuable skills that he now applies to the world of podcasting.

Podcast Guesting: A “No-Pitch” Approach

What sets Spencer’s approach apart is his focus on providing value to the listener, rather than simply pitching a product or service. He believes that podcast guesting allows individuals to showcase their expertise in a natural, conversational setting, without the pressure of a sales call.


Uncovering the Unique Value Proposition

One of the key challenges Spencer often faces is helping his clients identify and articulate their unique value proposition. By delving into their background, experiences, and specialized knowledge, he guides them in crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with the podcast audience.


“I really like that I had to push those people to come up with what they do that’s unique or interesting and enforce them to if they didn’t already have it, say, like, you’re not on that podcast to just say, I’m a financial planner.”


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Leveraging Podcast Guesting for Unexpected Opportunities

While many clients may initially view podcast guesting as a lead generation tactic, Spencer emphasizes that the benefits can extend far beyond that. He shares the story of a client who, through his podcast appearances, was able to connect with a charitable organization that ended up raising $50,000 for his cause.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Setting Realistic Expectations

One of Spencer’s key principles is setting realistic expectations with his clients. He is upfront about the fact that podcast guesting is not a guaranteed lead generation solution, but rather a multifaceted strategy that can unlock a variety of unexpected opportunities.

Post-Interview Best Practices

Spencer emphasizes the importance of follow-up and content repurposing after a successful podcast interview. He encourages his clients to leverage the recorded content for various purposes, such as creating a speaker reel or repurposing it for their own marketing efforts.

Embracing the Podcast Guesting Opportunity

Spencer’s insights highlight the multifaceted benefits of podcast guesting and the importance of approaching it with a strategic mindset. By focusing on providing value, uncovering unique value propositions, and setting realistic expectations, businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage this powerful platform to attract their ideal clients and unlock unexpected opportunities.


About Spencer

Spencer is the founder of Outlier Audio, a full-service podcast booking agency that represents talented entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors, specializing in real estate investors. Prior to being in the podcasting space, he spent over a decade working in the music industry, taking on various roles including talent management and representation, event and festival organizing, record label head, and more. His pivot to the podcasting space came when the music industry shut down due to COVID-19 and he saw a need to help entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals get on to the new medium as a way to continue growing their businesses.

Since 2020, Spencer has booked over 1,000 interviews that have garnered millions of downloads for over 150 talented entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors. His clients range from solopreneurs, to published authors, investment funds with over $1B under management, Inc 500 companies, and Top 10 Keynote Speakers, all using podcasts to grow their businesses.


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