How To Get Referrals While Podcasting

Dec 13, 2023

How To Get Referrals

Are you leveraging your podcast (or guesting) to build strong relationships, collaboration opportunities, referrals and sales? 

Maybe you’ve tried and suck at getting referrals. Been there. And if you are too afraid to ask for referrals, well, you don’t get any. 

Referrals are what can change the game in your business to grow exponentially, especially if you are a coach or service provider. 

I have sales expert and author Joe Pallo on my show to share why referrals are more important than the sale, how to ask for a referral and how to reach out to the referrals (with silver bullets) that help you gain rapport and sales.

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He shares… 

  • How shifting your mindset and treating referrals as a sales themselves will boost your results
  • How to overcome the hesitancy of asking for referrals
  • Get more ‘yeses’ with a script and ‘silver bullets’
  • Tips on building rapport that you likely haven’t heard before. 
  • Ways to use podcasting to build stronger relationships that fuel your referral machine 
  • Strategies for overcoming the objection of ‘call me back after the holidays’

Key Moments

[00:03]  How to Sell Saying the Logical Way to Make the Emotional Sale

[03:22]  The Power of Referrals: Generating Business Through Trust

[06:43]  Boosting Confidence and Overcoming Referral Objections

[10:07]  How to Ask for Referrals Without Being Awkward

[15:43]  How to Make Effective Sales Calls

[20:22]  Mastering Sales Calls: Building Rapport and Gaining Confidence

[23:31]  How to Make an Emotional Connection in Sales Conversations

[29:56]  How to Use Podcasting to Boost Sales and Relationships

[33:03]  How to Overcome the ‘Call Me Back After the Holidays’ Objection in Sales


Treating Referrals as a Sale:

Joe emphasizes that many sales professionals overlook the potential of referrals. While they may excel in other aspects of the sales process, they often struggle with generating referrals. Treat referrals as a sale in itself. Just like any other part of the sales process, referrals require effort, confidence, and a solid ask. By approaching referrals with the same energy and mindset as other sales activities, professionals can unlock exponential growth in their business.

The Power of Emotional Engagement:

Referrals are a reflection of the trust and confidence people have in a sales professional. To generate more referrals, it is essential to make a confident ask and establish a strong rapport. It’s important to have a clear picture of how they want to be perceived and to align their referral-seeking efforts with their desired image. By approaching referrals with confidence and clarity, professionals can unlock the power of emotional engagement and increase their chances of receiving valuable referrals.

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Effective Referral Strategies:

Joe shares valuable strategies for asking for referrals that can be applied in various situations. He emphasizes the importance of using scripts to guide conversations, ensuring that professionals know what they want to say and can listen actively. By incorporating humor and laughter into conversations, professionals can put their clients at ease and create a more engaging dialogue. Joe also highlights the significance of using silver bullets, pieces of information gathered from the referrer, to capture attention and build trust. By mastering these strategies, professionals can navigate the referral process with confidence and effectiveness.

Overcoming Common Objections:

One common objection professionals face is the request to follow up after holidays or busy periods. Joe advises professionals to acknowledge this objection and let their clients play the “chip” of business. By asking what their clients have going on and shifting the conversation, professionals can keep their clients engaged. Try closing the conversation again by offering specific dates for future meetings. This approach helps to maintain momentum and keeps the focus on the business at hand.

In the world of sales, mastering the art of referrals is crucial for success. By treating referrals as a sale, professionals can tap into exponential growth opportunities. Emotional engagement plays a vital role in the sales process, as it builds trust and encourages clients to provide valuable referrals. By incorporating effective strategies, such as using scripts, silver bullets, and overcoming objections, professionals can enhance their referral-seeking efforts and achieve outstanding results. Remember, sales is a process that requires confidence, active listening, and a clear understanding of clients’ needs. Embrace these strategies, and watch your business thrive.


About Joe

Having sold millions of dollars in sales in industries including financial services, technology, and agriculture, Sales Coach and game-changing Trainer to Top Producers Joe Pallo has learned one universal truth that has been the key to success: Making an emotional connection matters more than any sale made with logic.

Drawing from 35+ years of commission sales, Joe Pallo is a top sales producer who first earned his hard knocks and big rewards with door-to-door selling. He’s a powerful storyteller quoted on and beyond who coaches, teaches, and trains by powerful and memorable example. He’s the first to say that whether you are selling chicken sh*t , financial services or high technology, the same core principles apply.

Joe is an Amazon bestselling author of How to Sell Nothing: The Logical Way To Make The Emotional Sale, the salesperson’s guide to what really happens during a sale. He is a master in the art of emotional sales, referrals and the creator of the E.A.R.N.I.N.G™ Sales System.


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