How To Grow Your Business (& Podcast) With Passion

Feb 1, 2023

How To Grow Your Business

This entrepreneurial and podcast journey can be a crazy one, with ups and downs, roadblocks, and head trash… but at the heart of it all, I believe we are all driven by passion. I’m so honored to chat with Women’s Meditation Network and podcast success story Katie Krimitsos who shares her podcast journey, her passion, and lessons along the way that any woman and podcaster can relate to. One you’ll definitely want to listen to.

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Podcasting with your passion in mind

  • Podcast without clarity is just a fun feeling and without action won’t amount to anything. 
  • How passion has been a consistent force behind her businesses and podcasting. 
  • Katie admits that it’s been scary at times and not being sure of what is next and she still feels that way at times. It’s okay to be scared. 
  • Sometimes the journey is not what it seems from the outside – trying new things, exploring new interests

“I refuse to leave this life with anything else left on the table.”


Learning how to conquer fear

  • She shares her ups and downs and mind trash that has stood in the way, her feelings of overwhelm but how she can show up even when it’s painful.
  • Ask yourself – what IS the worse that can happen. It’s a powerful tool to use. Get specific about what that fear looks like. 
  • How do you keep that passion alive in all the changes, tech, ups and downs of business. 
  • Katie shares her story about quitting her job and working in the business (the Peanut and Butter years as she calls them). We all have them!
  • She shares her struggles in the early years – a journey is rarely an instant success story. 
  • There is no perfect success.


Why staying true to yourself is key

  • Stay true to yourself, not what others expect of you or what you feel you should be doing.
  • How creating the Women’s Meditation Network was a rough start but she knew she had to stay true to herself and be aligned with what she wanted. 
  • You do not need to follow someone else’s path. It may be scary and it may not be other’s view of what is successful. Follow your own path. You have everything you need within you.
  • The criticism she got along the way building her Women’s Meditation Network. 
  • Get in tune with yourself so that you can create a podcast for what you want it to be. 

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Getting the right support along the way

  • Getting support from a group like the Podfest community (podcasting community) and her husband Chris Krimitsos who understands entrepreneurship and podcasting
  • Talk to others that have an entrepreneurial mindset and normalize it and bettering yourself. 
  • Connect with others that have like minds – collaborate, be creative (not to validate what you are doing). 
  • It’s okay to get business support to feel understood with other podcasters, business owners and get new ideas. 


How and why she moved from Biz Women Rock into Women’s Meditation Network

  • How her idea of the Women’s Meditation podcast came to be and why it didn’t start up right away
  • What her loud whisper was and how she pivoted on a dime. 
  • Katie share’s her struggle with the decision to make a change and limiting beliefs that cropped up.
  • How she knew that this new podcast and business model could help her live her passion on a bigger scale and create a bigger impact. 
  • How she juggled two babies and two businesses as she grew the first stage of the WMN and how she had to fight through some rough moments
  • It’s okay when transitions are ugly. Share your story from a scar not a wound. It’s easier to share your story afterwards. We all have those times. It’s okay to fall apart. 
  • You have to slowdown and go through a rough time to recalibrate. 


What Katie learned from Biz Women Rock 

  • Learned how to do a program schedule
  • Learned to let go of what she thought it should be
  • The biggest growth was personally vs technical, lessons of stepping into her worth
  • The comparison trap and how it can affect your success
  • How she had no fear in the new business and instead a deep knowing that this was for her


About Women’s Meditation Network 

  • The meditations are very real life, attainable and easy to work through. 
  • What type of meditations to expect and where to find.
  • Meditation for women – 10 podcasts – subscribe!
  • Sleep, morning, daily affirmations, for anxiety, healing, 

Katie Krimitson


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Katie Krimitsos is a mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, seeker and change maker. She’s committed to brightening the light of women around the world through her work under the Women’s Meditation Network – guided meditation podcasts and resources created for those who identify as women so they can use the tool of meditation to know themselves and consciously create lives they love. She has 8 podcasts in her network: Meditation for Women, Sleep Meditation for Women, Morning Meditation for Women, Sleep Sounds, Water & Nature Sounds, Ambient Sounds, Daily Affirmations Meditation for Women and Sleep Meditation for Women 3 Hours. She’s a writer at heart, has a soft spot for animals and Mother Nature, loves a good margarita, and treasures the job of raising her two girls.


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