How to Increase Conversations on Twitter


Increase Conversations on Twitter

Need help increasing your conversations on twitter – i.e., getting more shares, comments, retweets, favorited posts? It can be a difficult task but not to worry, it can be done with a few helpful tips!


Next time you post, be sure to use images. Tweets with images generate 55% more leads. A no brainer right? There are a couple tips to consider however:

  • Stay away from stockphotos. Don’t be afraid to use behind the scenes/now pics. Ex. Images of staff working, pics of fun summer work party. (Tasteful of course!) Let people know you’re real and not afraid to show who you really are.
  • Be sure to use engaging images. Try using ones that tailor to your audience.
  • If you’re trying to sell or make people aware of a specific item, try using a video or image of that item being used. It helps users identify or maybe relate to the product.


There are 2 different types of posts that can be used within a tweet.

Incremental Test: When using a post that has an image/graphic that works

Drastic Test: No image at all, this is done when you’re “stuck”

Using the drastic test may not be as effective but my feeling is, it’s better to be posting content and staying engaged frequently rather than being silent in the background because you have writers block or lack of content/images.

When using incremental test, you are gearing your image/graphic for your audience that you know will work! For instance, if your target audience is parents and you’re topic is lazy summer days….try using an image of a funny dog/cat lazy on a couch. Parents will think it’s cute and they may get the humour behind it, therefore leading to a click! Voila!

CALL TO ACTION: Another great tip to know is when using a call to action, you want to make sure you’re minimizing distractions. Meaning, don’t use hashtags! Crazy to think but by using hashtags you’re running the risk of losing the reader by them clicking through on that hashtag and losing direction on where you really want them to go, YOUR SITE!

One last great tip, do you know what I’m going to say?

ASK QUESTIONS! Did you know by asking a question within your post you can generate 25% more clicks! People want to talk, they want to converse and they love to answer questions and engage. So don’t be afraid to ask questions of things you may not know or simply wanting to see if your audience can answer your question! They’ll love the chat.

Experiment, have fun with it, but most of all – stay consistently posting and engaging on Twitter. I was once a non-believer and now Twitter is my favorite platform. Maybe it’ll become yours too!


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