How To Leverage Podcast Guesting

Jan 24, 2023

Leverage Podcast Guesting

I shared my journey getting into podcasting and how I was petrified and did it anyway! Like many, I had imposter syndrome and had so many thoughts that were holding me back -and shared how I overcame it.
We switched over to chat about guesting on podcasts.
  • Why one should be a guest on podcasts
  • Why and when you should guest vs host
  • What you need to start
  • Common mistakes podcast guests make
  • How to showcase your expertise during an interview
  • What a media kit is and how it’s helpful for the host
  • What to do AFTER the show goes live (how to promote it and truly leverage the opportunity)
  • How to get more leads from podcast guesting
  • How to repurpose the interview, and create consistent content


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