How To Leverage Your Podcast

Nov 21, 2022

I was recently on the ‘The Art of Selling Online Courses’, Podcast with John Ainsworth to chat about how to leverage your podcast.

I shared my Podcast Leverage System.

If you are new to the podcasting game and want to make sure you are starting off with the right strategies or if you have been producing and promoting for some time but still struggle with growing your audience, gaining authority, and consistently producing engaging content that converts then this episode will help you a ton!

Podcast Leverage System™- 4 Steps To Creating Consistent Authority-Boosting Content With Less Overwhelm

There are 4 steps to creating consistent content that boosts authority, multiply your visibility, nurture your leads and maintain your sanity.

  1. PUBLISH FOR RESULTS – Publish on your website to reap more benefits.
  2. DISTRIBUTE FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE – Distribute it everywhere to nurture current prospects and attract new ones.
  3. RE-PURPOSE FOR HIGHER VISIBILITY – You have to be more savvy to get people to listen, and allow for easy content creation.
  4. MULTIPLY FOR CONSISTENT CONTENT (& SANITY) – Leverage what you have, dissect it, splice it and use it in different ways to create shareable content with ease


I go into detail on how and why to put these steps in place. Take a listen.

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