How To PROMOTE A Facebook Group!

Sep 27, 2017

How To PROMOTE A Facebook Group

How To PROMOTE A Facebook Group

So you’ve created a Facebook Group – awesome! Well, now what?! Here are 15 easy ways to market and promote your Facebook Group to grow your membership base.

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Now have a look at these amazing ways for how to promote a Facebook group!

How To Promote A Facebook Group and Make Build a Thriving Community

  1. Invite your Facebook ‘friends’ and Page followers (or anyone else for that matter) to your group. You can create a unique url for the group for branding.

Tip – Do not ADD people to the group unless you KNOW for a fact they want in. The approach is to invite them only, and let them make their own decision.

  1. Hit the share button below your group banner, to share your group on your Timeline, or a Page you manage.

promote your facebook group

promote your facebook group

  1. Be sure to send an invite to your e-list, podcast guests and more!
  2. Include the link to your group in your marketing material and email signature.
  3. Use the url at the end of videos, podcasts, blogs as a call to action for folks to join. This is where that ‘vanity’ url that you can create in Facebook comes in handy. Another great option is to buy a domain name and forward it to your Facebook Group url.
  4. Ensure there are links and information about the group on your website – the menu bar is the easiest.
  5. Spread the word in all your other social media platforms. In other words, cross promote.
  6. Boost your posts, promoting your Facebook Group, to extend your reach OR boost a post that provides a blog and have a call to action in your blog about the Facebook Group – heck try both and test!
  7. Have a contest or giveaway, BUT it’s only available in your Facebook Group. Promote that contest in your usual avenues (you know, everywhere).
  8. Have an exclusive live Facebook Training or Webinar, again – only available in that Facebook Group to entice folks to join.
  9. Add an invite to the group in your indoctrination campaigns and welcome emails.
  10. Use a pop up on your website during the launch period, to let people know about the group.
  11. Put a widget in the sidebar of your website so there is a button in plain view to advertise the group.
  12. Pin the invite to the group on your Facebook Profile and Page so it does not get lost in the newsfeed.
  13. Put it as a resource or an invite on your lead magnet thank you pages

Last BIG tip – Don’t be afraid to be creative and spread the word!

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