How To Repurpose Content & Get a ‘Brain Bump’ with Mark Herschberg

Dec 14, 2022

Repurpose Content & Get a ‘Brain Bump’

Mark Herschberg is the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You and the creator of a game-changing app for creators: Brian Bump.

Listen in to learn more about Brian Bump and how to tap into the app as a podcaster, what to consider and do as a content creator, and how the app can help you get more eyeballs, views and listens.

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Getting to Know Brain Bump

  • When writing his book, Mark identified a problem many people face: they read a book, and enjoy and learn from it but then forget about it after a couple of weeks. Plus, he knew that the best way to promote a book is word-of-mouth marketing.
  • ‘People remember things through spaced repetition,’ says Mark.
  • The Brain Bump app it’s a cross between a flash card app, a book summary app, and a daily affirmation app.
  • When working on Brain Bump and licensing it, Mark was surprised by the fact that it didn’t exist, no one had invented nor licensed it.
  • The card feature of the app can be used in two ways: just in time or by getting a daily notification that contributes to the building of a habit.
  • Inside the app, users can tag content and either sort through tips on a specific topic either from a particular source or in a way where who the source isn’t as important.
  • Brain Bump was started in 2020 and had its pilot run in 2021. 

The Thing About Content and Brain Bump

  • For Mark, one of the key issues with many content media: you read the book at home but you don’t get to implement the tips until you are in a specific situation (e.g. networking at a conference). This means that you read, watch or listen but the content might not be something you act on right at that moment.
  • The Brain Bump app doesn’t leverage a push model – like it typically happens on social media, in books, etc. – but it relies on a pull model. 
  • With Brain Bump the tips and the content is made timely and relevant for the user.
  • The problem with social media and emails is the fact that a good chunk of the content being shared there is evergreen but it’s ordered chronologically… good luck trying to find a relevant email from several months ago!

What to Consider and Do as a Content Creator

  • Having people consume content made by or that features you is an excellent way to build the so-called Know, Like and Trust factor – this is key, especially when we’re talking about trying to sell people into purchasing a high-ticket product or service.

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  • Brain Bump will display your content to a person when it’s relevant to them, it will drive traffic to your content catalog, and you’ll get some analytics (like how much a particular tip you shared has been favorited or shared).
  • Be strategic and repurpose your content. You can take an individual podcast episode, take out clips from it and share them on social media, or you could turn it into a blog post.
  • Basically, you want to take the same content you have created and, for just a marginal extra effort, you’re providing it in several ways, just like an author.
  • Mark has an idea for you. 

“Take your top 50 or top 100 tips, turn them into a lead funnel and place it on your website saying ‘Here are my top 100 tips from my first 100 shows.’ People will get the tips in an email but you can also repurpose those further by adding them in the Brain Bump app.”


Creating More Visibility For Your Podcast Using Brain Bump 

  • What you can do with Brain Bump is put in the work upfront, then sit back and enjoy the benefits. You can add your top tips (a minimum of 25 tips) and tag them. The Brain Bump app will pick one each day and display it for users who will find it relevant.
  • Each piece of content – blog, podcast, etc. – has its own url and QR code inside the app. You can take them and add them anywhere: in your show notes, in your email signature, on social media, in your slides, and so on.
  • There’s also a share on social media button that easily lets users share an interesting quote or piece of content they found in Brain Bump. 
  • People can even tag you in Brain Bump, making it easier for content creators to connect with their audience.
  • On social media there’s the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of the content you share should be yours, while 10% can be selling. The remaining 30% should be content you curate – but content created by someone other than you.

The Future of Brain Bump (and Media)

  • There’s a roadmap you can look at for upcoming Brain Bump features, and you can reach out to share your feedback straight from inside the app.
  • Brain Bump initially started with a couple of categories: business and personal development. These will expand in 2023 to include health, wellness, and relationships, just to mention a few.
  • Media needs to change so that information is available where we need it and when we need it, in a context dependant way. 
  • We’ll see more tools that will help people get contextually relevant information that is not given in non relevant formats.




Mark is the creator of Brain Bump and author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You

Mark has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and in academia. He helped to start the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, dubbed MIT’s “career success accelerator,” where he teaches annually. He also works with many non-profits, currently serving on the board of Plant a Million Corals.

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